New 2017 Olechka by Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski at The Toy Shoppe
New 2016 Simona Porcelain and Paola BJD by Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski at The Toy Shoppe
New 2015 Alice BJD by Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski, a Toy Shoppe Exclusive
Camella by Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski at The Toy Shoppe

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Fine Dolls By Artists Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski

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Talia BJD


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Zawieruszynski Dolls

Making Dolls Is The Passion That Fuels Our Lives!
- Henry & Zofia Zawieruszynski

doll artists Zofia and Henry ZawieruszynskiThis talented husband and wife team design, model, hand-paint and clothe each doll at their USA studio. Their dolls are exquisite in every detail: each face is lovingly painted by hand, their real hair wigs are individually styled and specially-designed fashions are rich in texture and color. You'll be mesmerized by Zofia and Henry's porcelain and vinyl editions!

Zofia and Henry Zawieruszynski met in Poland at an art studio where they designed and hand-painted decorative fabric. Now in the USA, they have continued their lives and careers together for over two decades earning many awards for their doll artistry. Their dolls have a real emotional connection. Offering a range of choices in both porcelain and vinyl, the Zawieruszynski collection has something for every doll collector. They use only the finest quality materials including real hair wigs, glass eyes, and fine fabrics such as silk, wool and leather. Each Zawieruszynski doll is signed and contains its own identity number with a signed certificate of authenticity.

"Our dolls' couture is handmade in our studio of only the finest of materials; many of the outfits are hand painted using all natural and high end accessories. The footwear is all custom designed and made to ensure the highest quality."

- Zofia and Henry