Welcome To The Newly Remodeled And Expanded Toy Shoppe

After 40 years, our shoppe is bigger and better than ever!

We love our toy shoppe so we like to freshen it up a bit every so often. We started in August with a little bit here and a little bit there. The more we puttered around, the more we wanted to do. Finally, we just decided to go all the way. We took down walls, repainted just about everything, redesigned the shelving, brought in fresh flooring and added new furnishings. It was a huge undertaking, but very exciting, and now our shoppe looks terrific!

Toy Shoppe Construction zone

Of course, with all this extra room we have more fine dolls and Teddy bears in the shoppe than ever! We'll be able to display many of the life-size Steiff Studio animals that are too large in most stores. As the premiere Annette Himstedt dealer, there is plenty of room to display our selection of her remarkable child dolls. We've also reserved an area for rare vintage editions. And the amount of R. John Wright creations on display has expanded dramatically - both their current and vintage editions. We have a sensational display of Madame Alexander's Wendy, Cissy, Cissette and other dolls in our custom, Madame Alexander showcases.

Barely a week after we finished the remodel, a doll club arrived to enjoy their club outing at our shoppe. It was a wonderful time. The shoppe is now very spacious and we are thrilled to invite doll clubs, Teddy bears clubs and Girl Scout troops to visit. Come by if you are in the area... we would love to see you! Call us toll free 1 800 447-7995 to arrange something for your club.

Special thanks to Kevin, Peter and all the other Toy Shoppe staff who pitched in to help. Great job!

Here are some pictures to enjoy until you come visit us yourself!

remodeled Toy Shoppe

Our showroom is larger with more room for our unique selection of fine dolls and Teddy bears from around the world!

remodeled Toy Shoppe

Our gallery features a treasure trove of special creations by R. John Wright, Annette Himstedt, Elisabeth Pongratz, Tine Kamerbeek, Lynne & Michael Roche, Charleen Kinser, Kathe Kruse, Regina Sandreuter and many other amazing artists in the contemporary doll and Teddy bear world.

remodeled Toy Shoppe Steiff Puppet display

Many vintage editions from our personal collection (such as these delightful and rare Steiff puppets) are on display for you to enjoy.

remodeled Toy Shoppe great place to touch and hold

We feel it is most important to visit a shoppe where you can touch, hold and hug the Teddy bear that will become your life-long friend!

remodeled Toy Shoppe | small gems

Tucked throughout our shoppe are small gems that are friendly, fun and amazing. We offer such a wide range of characters and artistic styles that there is truly something for everyone to enjoy at The Toy Shoppe!

remodeled Toy Shoppe featuring vintage Steiff

Every corner you turn brings a new delight like "Nessie", our five foot tall vintage Steiff edition hanging in our shoppe!

remodeled Toy Shoppe | lots of love

The Toy Shoppe is an amazing place where even a Teddy bear and a little piglet can become the best of friends! Each shelf is filled with delightful dolls, Teddy bears and animal friends from around the world.

remodeled Toy Shoppe Madame Alexander Doll cases

If you are looking for Madame Alexander Wendys, Cissys or Cissettes, you've come to the right place. Our showcases are filled with these American classic dolls!

remodeled Toy Shoppe Annette Himstedt dolls in gallery

Since the 1980s, The Toy Shoppe has been the retailer of choice for Annette Himstedt's breathtaking child dolls. With all of the expanded room in the shoppe, there is plenty of room for her kinder to shine!

remodeled Toy Shoppe Studio animals

Is that a zoo stampede in the shoppe? Now that the showroom is so much larger, we have room to display many life-sized Steiff Studio animals. Come be amazed!

remodeled Toy Shoppe

Proud owners Danny & Barrie at the newly remodeled and expanded Toy Shoppe.
Come visit us soon!

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