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Fine Dolls By Nina Tugarina

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Jacob Daydreamer


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Nina Tugarina Realistic Dolls

Nina Tugarina's Incredible One-Of-A-Kind Dolls & Portrait Dolls

Nina Tugarina graduated from Kharkov Art Institute in Ukraine where her studies had a profound impact upon her style. She always preferred portraiture and aspired to capture the inner character of her subjects. Doll making was a natural path to follow because it allowed her to explore personalities in a three dimensional form. The results are truly exquisite. Just one look at Hitomi and you can see the great amount of love and work that went into her creation. The process is very involved: sculpting; baking; sanding the surface to a very fine finish; painting the face, body and eyes with acrylic; glueing more than 100 locks of hair to each doll's head; styling the hair; finally, designing and making the clothing and accessories. You will be amazed by how Nina has created clothing so perfectly proportioned in texture and pattern to her dolls. Even her leather shoes and purse are perfect!