New Steiff Button-In-Ear

For over a century, Steiff has fastened their button-in-ear tag to each of their Teddy bears and other animals. this tag is famous around the world and is immediately recognizable as the symbol of Steiff's legendary quality. As times have changed, Steiff has updated these buttons several times and even recently added a news one, such as the crystal button-in-ear to signify Swarovski editions. In 2015 Steiff released their newest, redesigned button-in-ear tags. Here is how Steiff explained it:


With its world-famous trademark, the Steiff "button in the ear" as well as the ear tag with the Steiff lettering, each original Steiff animal shows that it has excellent pedigree. Steiff animals have worn a button in the ear since 1904. The button was invented by Margarete Steiff's nephew Franz Steiff to protect the products from counterfeits and to distinguish them from competitors and guarantee Steiff's quality standards. A letter from this time states that "statutory protection has been registered for this type of attachment". At first the button showed an elephant, this was replaced over the years with the lettering "Steiff".

The trademark is still in use today and has become a symbol of tradition, certified safety, internationality, aesthetics and the highest quality. In 2005 the company established a memorial for the "button in the ear" with the construction of the Steiff museum at the company headquarters in Giengen. The striking architecture of the round building symbolises the company's trademark.

Since autumn 2015 the company Margarete Steiff GmbH has been using a new design for the "button in the ear". Previously, the "button in the ear" with which the ear tag is fastened to classic products as well as those for children and babies was made from brass. In future a silver-coloured stainless steel button will be used for these product groups. The new design provides the decades-old trademark with a fresh and modern look without changing its original form and function. At the same time the stainless steel button refers back to an old tradition. Until around 1977 the Steiff button was made from silver-coloured nickel, until it was changed in 1978 to a brass button.

In the collectors' field, particularly with a nod to the importance of "faithful" reproductions of replicas, other button versions will continue to be used.


The Toy Shoppe is Steiff's largest US authorized dealer. Since 1975, we have offered Teddy bears and animal friends from this very creative German toy company. Steiff has always been a leader in fine toys. Over the years, they have maintained the essential elements of their craft, building upon this foundation and continuing to be an innovative fixture in the toy market.

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