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Jordan by Barron Bears

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by Barron Bears

Sewn from a beautiful honey gold mohair, this Teddy is bursting at the seams with charm. Jordan measures 14 inches from head to toe and has been handmade with a lot of love. He is five-way jointed with airbrushed accents around his foot pads. He has the most endearing expression with glass eyes, a wonderful wax-over hand-stitched nose, sculpted muzzle and airbrushed accents. For the finishing touches, he wears cotton flannel overalls with teddy patch on his pocket. A golden Teddy bear pendant around his neck is a signature of Sharon's work.

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by Barron Bears

Size Height : 14 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 14
Materials All-Wool Felt
Stuffed with Polyfil
Features Glass Eyes
Airbrushed Accents
Wax-Over Nose
Hand-Stitched Nose
Jointing Number of Joints : 5
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin United States

Handmade Teddy Bears By Sharon Barron - Barron Bears

Artist Sharon Barron draws on her love for the old-style bears of the early 1900s to create her exceptional Teddy bears with a classic, almost vintage appeal. Entirely handmade from mohair and other fine materials, each Teddy has an accent piece such as a hat or scarf to enhance his or her character. These are Teddy bears you'll love forever!

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