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Teddy Commemorative Bear And Steiff Bear Cart

  • by Steiff
  • sku#  58423
  • 13.5, 3.75”
  •   Available exclusively at The Toy Shoppe!  
Teddy Commemorative Bear And Steiff Bear Cart by Steiff

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Teddy Commemorative Bear And Steiff Bear Cart
by Steiff

Available exclusively at The Toy Shoppe!

Order Teddy with the Steiff Bear Cart and receive a $50 Toy Shoppe Gift Certificate good on your next Steiff purchase.
This is a value of $424.95!

    In this set, you will receive:
  • • Steiff Bear Cart
  • • Teddy, The Commemorative Chest Tag Bear
  • • FREE Personalized Medallion
  • • FREE $50 Gift Certificate

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Steiff Bear Cart - The Perfect Steiff Accessory
For The Ultimate Steiff Enthusiast!

We are excited to offer our collectors a truly unique Steiff toy! Not only is our Steiff Bear Cart collectible, functional and decorative... it's the perfect accessory for your Teddy bears and dolls! Steiff has made many wood toys over the past century, but never one featuring their famous bear head motif like our Bear Cart. Spanning almost half a century, the Steiff bear head paper chest tag was (and, still is) the recognized symbol of friendship and fun to children everywhere.

The Bear Cart is artfully crafted of durable bamboo in a natural finish with all the appeal of a classic vintage toy. A true celebration of Steiff with the bear head design and the famous Steiff logo beautifully showcased, our exclusive Bear Cart is unmistakably 'Steiff' from every angle! The little pull string hearkens back to our childhood to add that perfect touch of nostalgia. With an accent of Steiff red on the wheels and the pull ball, this is a true homage to the company that brought us the modern Teddy bear.

Our Steiff Bear Cart measures 3.75 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide (side with bear face) and 4.5 inches deep. It is the perfect size for display or play! Our Teddy loves to play with this special Bear Cart as you will, too! Use your Bear Cart as a candy dish on your desk at work or to display a miniature Steiff bear or two with it. This is the perfect piece to share the tradition of Steiff with your children, grandchildren and friends. This limited production Steiff Bear Cart is available only at The Toy Shoppe.

Teddy, The Commemorative Chest Tag Bear

Our Teddy is an extraordinary addition to an already exceptional Steiff family. Teddy is based on the beloved 1920s Steiff Bear design - from the decade when the first bear head chest tag was used! This tag used from during the 1920s thru the 1970s symbolized the magic of Steiff to several generations. We worked very closely with Steiff to design our happy Teddy. With the warmth of his beautiful coat, Teddy brightens up the entire room. Rich, custom-made Schulte mohair has been designed exclusively for our commemorative Teddy. Inspired by the vibrant golden-yellow of his bear head tag... Teddy's lush, softly curled mohair coat glows happy, happy, happy! At 13.5 inches he is the perfect size to hold and hug and has a long, rich voice. His classic design features a hand-stitched nose and mouth in the famous red color that has been historically associated with Steiff since the beginning. We added extra embroidery on his paw pad in the shape of the classic Steiff bear head that adorned the original chest tag we are commemorating with this Teddy. His soft brown pupil eyes will surely steal your heart away! Our Teddy comes with a FREE commemorative medallion, customized just for you.

Personalized Medallion

A wonderful and lasting memento that will surely be cherished forever. Teddy's beautifully crafted medallion has been designed to replicate the 1950s version of the Steiff bear head chest tag. This spectacular metal medallion will be personalized with your special person, place or event. A fine laser process guarantees your medallion's engraving is crisp, perfect and also permanent. The design of Teddy's medallion is just as elegant on the back. While you personalize the front, the soft metallic finish on the back reveals a splendid engraving with particulars about our Teddy. A handsome golden cord proudly bears Teddy's metal medallion... the perfect shade of yellow to match his cheerful Schulte mohair coat. Because we know that even the smallest of details matter, we have used a lobster clasp in the design for ease of fastening and a secure hold. Under his medallion is a very special special surprise... Steiff brought their iconic paper bear head chest tag out of retirement, after almost 50 years, just for our Teddy. Very special indeed! (Up to 4 lines of type. Up to 20 letters/numbers/spaces per line. Need help? Call us toll free 1 800 447-7995.)

FREE $50 Gift Certificate

When you purchase Teddy, The Commemorative Chest Tag Bear and our Steiff Bear Cart you will receive a FREE $50 Toy Shoppe Gift Certificate. Gift Certificate is good on your next Steiff purchase with The Toy Shoppe. Gift Certificate will be sent when your order is shipped. This offer is not transferable, not valid on prior orders and may not be combined with other special offers or promotions with the exception of FREE Shipping within the contiguous US.

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Special shipping offer for Teddy, Commemorative Chest Tag Bear and the Steiff Bear Cart. Limited time offer.

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Teddy Commemorative Bear And Steiff Bear Cart
by Steiff

Size Height : 13.5, 3.75 inches
Width : 5.5 inches
Depth : 4.5 inches
Edition Toy Shoppe Exclusive
Materials All-Wool Felt
Features Hand-Stitched Nose
Jointing Number of Joints : 5
Button-In-Ear Tag White Tag

“Only the best
is good enough for our children.”

With this statement, company founder Margarete Steiff established Steiff's commitment to quality.

For over a century, this has remained the Steiff motto.

The Tradition Of Steiff
Creator Of The First Teddy Bear

Steiff Button in EarAs the second oldest German toy company still in existence, Steiff has had a very influential role in how the world plays.

Margarete Steiff designed her first soft-filled fabric toy animal, an elephant made of felt, and began the family business. Margarete's nephew Richard Steiff studied art in Stuttgart and brought a heightened sense of realism to Steiff designs. In 1902, Steiff created the 55PB, a mohair plush bear that is the basis for the modern Teddy Bear we know today.

In 1902, Clifford Berryman, a well-know cartoonist for the Washington Post, made popular a caricature little bear with American president Theodore Roosevelt: thus, the "Teddy" bear was born. Children and adults have made the Teddy bear an iconic toy, universally loved and adored. Over the years, Steiff's focus on delighting children with realistic soft animals brought them fame around the world. Their innovations in airbrushing, choice materials and manufacturing have created toys that are prized everywhere.

Steiff continues to create Teddy bears and other animal friends at their factory in the small town of Giengen, Germany. After 125 years, Steiff continues to lead the world in the finest Teddy bear designs and manufacturing. Their commitment to quality and excellence has brought joy to generations around the world.

Danny and Barrie Shapiro of The Toy Shoppe with Jim Pitocco, President of Steiff USASince our doors first opened in 1975, The Toy Shoppe has been your premier Steiff store!

Photo: Danny and Barrie, owners of The Toy Shoppe pictured here with Jim Pitocco, President of Steiff USA

The very first box of merchandise that we opened for our shoppe in 1975 was filled with Steiff Teddy bears and it was exhilarating! We established The Toy Shoppe way back then to bring fine dolls and Teddy bears to our collectors. With their long tradition and commitment to excellence, Steiff bears are a natural fit for our shoppe.

In the early 1900s, Richard Steiff created the modern Teddy bear as we know and love him today. Steiff's continued innovation and commitment to quality has touched generations of children around the world.

Over the years, Steiff collectors in the USA and around the world have turned to The Toy Shoppe for their Steiff bears and animals. Our selection is unmatched. We have worked closely with Steiff both in North America and in Germany to design exclusive editions for our collectors that are compelling to Steiff collectors and Teddy bear lovers alike. We travelled to Giengen, Germany to search for inspiration deep within Steiff's archives, their treasure trove of past editions that reaches into their rich history. Maximilian began our Steiff Teddy bear family over a decade ago and since then we've created a wide array of Steiff editions exclusively for our collectors. From Traveller to Little Bear to GrandPapa to Chub-ling to Polar Cub to little Jocko, each one has brought a unique character of Steiff design often introducing innovative techniques or materials in their production. Collectors have adored our Toy Shoppe exclusives by Steiff!

We at The Toy Shoppe are honored to be the premier Steiff shoppe in North America. Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and eager to assist you. Just call us toll free 1 800 447-7995 and we will be glad to help you discover that perfect addition to your Teddy bear collection or that perfect Steiff gift for a child, a baby or even yourself!


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