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Royal Mail Stamp Replica Teddy Bear

Royal Mail Stamp Replica Teddy Bear by Merrythought

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Royal Mail Stamp Replica Teddy Bear
by Merrythought

From August 2017 to July 2018, an original 1930s Merrythought Bear proudly appeared upon an official Royal Mail 1st Class Stamp, as part of a special collection celebrating classic British toys. To commemorate this achievement, Merrythought has created an authentic replica of the iconic bear featured on the stamp.. one of the oldest in their archives. What's more, he is presented alongside a certificate incorporating the rare stamp, which is no longer available to purchase from the Royal Mail. This is a real must-have for Merrythought enthusiasts!

Made in the tradition of old world Teddy bears, the Royal Mail Stamp Replica Teddy bear features traditional glass eyes and a wise expression full of character. His wistful smile and nose have been carefully hand-stitched, accenting his sculpted muzzle. He is five-way jointed and measures a wonderful 18 inches... perfect for bear hugs! His disheveled mohair plush gives him the look and feel of a worldly bear who has been cherished for generations. Like all Merrythought bears, he is finished with a prestigious stamp of approval: the famous Merrythought label stitched onto his paw - a reminder that he is handmade with love in England.

The Royal Mail Stamp Replica Teddy Bear is beautifully presented in a Merrythought drum box, alongside an individually-numbered certificate featuring the real 1st Class stamp. A special 2018 limited edition of only 200 pieces worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices may change due to changes in the British Pound/ US Dollar exchange rate.

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Royal Mail Stamp Replica Teddy Bear
by Merrythought

Size Height : 18 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 200
Materials All-Wool Felt
Features Glass Eyes
Hand-Stitched Nose
Jointing Number of Joints : 5
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin England

A History Of Fine, Handmade Teddy Bears In England Since Before 1930

Merrythought“Merrythought has been hand-making the quintessential English teddy bear in the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge, Shropshire, since 1930 and is now the last remaining British teddy bear manufacturer. The company is a fourth generation family business founded by Mr W.G Holmes in 1930 as a diversification from his mohair mill in Yorkshire. Over the years a huge range of teddy bears, soft toys, dolls, push-along toys, rocking horses and other animals have been created in the famous factory.”

- from the Merrythought website

Why The Merrythought Emblem Is A Wishbone

Merrythought wishboneThe origin of the name Merrythought derives from an archaic name for a wishbone, a symbol of 'good luck'.
The wishbone has been the company's emblem since 1930.

Merrythought wishbone

The World-Famous Merrythought Footlabel

Merrythought bears can be easily identified by the distinctive label on their footpad - traditionally on the right foot although some earlier bears may vary.

see more by Merrythought

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