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Peach Persian And Her Kittens

Peach Persian And Her Kittens by Mikki Klug

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Peach Persian And Her Kittens
by Mikki Klug

Peach Persian Kitty is a proud momma! She is surrounded by her sweet little kittens: Tangerine, Pumpkin and Mango. Peach measures 10.5 inches tall and her kittens measure: Pumpkin 2.75 inches tall x 6 inches long (left kitten laying), Tangerine 2.5 inches tall x 6 inches long (right kitten laying), Mango sits 4.5 inches tall. Each is sculpted from softly felted wools, cut and styled over wire armatures to allow for gentle posing. For the sweetest expressions, each kitten has hand-tinted glass eyes. Mikki has needle-felted the details of their sweet faces perfectly giving them hand-applied perky whiskers. For the perfect finishing touches, Mikki has used a special hand-shading technique with watercolor and pastel for added coloration and detail. These Felties by Mikki Klug will make a sweet, endearing addition to your collection.

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Peach Persian And Her Kittens
by Mikki Klug

Size Height : 10.5 inches
Materials Alpaca
Features Glass Eyes
Hand-Painted Eyes
Needle-Felted Nose
Hand-Applied Whiskers
Jointing Wire Armature
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin United States

Charming & Enchanting Handcrafted Felties By Mikki Klug

Feltie Artist Mikki KlugMikki shares her beautiful ten-acre farm in Ohio with her husband, several free-ranging llamas, 6 cats and a dog. All were unwanted or strays (except for her husband, of course) and are Mikki's inspiration and motivation. More than inspiration, her llamas (Bob, Sunny and Moe) also supply the wool for many of her creations.

Her close relationship with her animal friends is evident in her ability to bring out such adorably rich character in each of her creations. They are highly animated and brimming over with engaging personalities. As you browse our selection of Mikki's pieces, you'll be amused at the stories they tell captured "in the act" by Mikki. They will make you smile every time!

Mikki Klug's handcrafted felties are made from a variety of natural wools including llama, buffalo, alpaca, camel and angora. They are delightful and adorable animals, highly animated and brimming with personality! Mikki Klug has always loved animals. Her creations reflect her love for her own animals - she tries to give each one its own distinct personality and look.

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