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Jonjare Baby Orangutan

Jonjare Baby Orangutan by Charlie Bears

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Jonjare Baby Orangutan
by Charlie Bears


Characters in the Charlie Bears' BearHouse Bears Collection are made with child-friendly plush and are huggably soft for your child's delicate skin.

Jonjare is so adorable! This baby orangutan is always up for monkeying around and having a good time. He is handmade from the softest beige and russet colored plush. His small stature added to his cuteness. He is non-jointed and measures a precious 6 inches. Jonjare's sweet face features a cheerful hand-stitched smile and friendly acrylic eyes! Jonjare Baby Orangutan BB183811 is part of the 2018 HAPPILY EVER AFTER Bearhouse Bears Collection. Suitable for ages 18 months and up.

Jonjare Baby Orangutan
by Charlie Bears

Size Height : 6 inches
Edition Open Edition
Materials Plush
Features Acrylic Eyes
Airbrushed Accents
Hand-Stitched Nose
Age Appropriate 18 months and up

When You Hold A Charlie Bear, You Won't Ever Want To Let Go

Charlie BearsWilliam and Charlotte Morris (Charlie for short) have always loved Teddy bears. In fact, they met over a bear that William was buying for his mother! In so many wonderful ways their lives have intertwined and overlapped with a bear somewhere in the middle. It seems as though they were simply destined to share their love of bears with others.

Charlie Bears LimitedSince Charlie Bears launched in 2005, their family of collectors has grown to almost every corner of the world. Charlie Bears is based in Cornwall in the United Kingdom (UK) where William and Charlie still make sure that every little bear is uniquely designed and lovingly handmade.

Charlie and William quickly won the hearts of collectors with their charming Teddies. Each and every Charlie Bears creation is handmade with the greatest attention to detail. From the cutting of the plush fabric to the stitching of each nose, these soft and furry companions are lovingly created by skilled artists. The craftsmanship behind Charlie Bears is clearly evident, but the most captivating aspect of each bear is its warm and engaging face. It's easy to see the hours spent on each one, getting the expression just right!

Love, Dreams & BearsWhat all Charlie Bears fans understand - and what keeps them coming back - is that as well as being beautifully and individually handmade, each bear really does have its own wonderful character and unique identity. They most definitely are "Bears with Personalities"!

- from the Charlie Bear biographical book Love, Dreams & Bears by Charlotte and William Morris

Charlie Bears Teddy Bears Are Beautifully Designed, Well made and AffordableCharlie Bears have a “love me look” that makes you want to pick them up and hug them! Their fresh and innovative Teddy bear design combined with their high standards of production are visible in each creation.

Yet, even with all the handwork involved in producing them, Charlie Bears are very affordable and within reach of every Teddy bear lover or Teddy bear collector.

Appealing, well-crafted and affordable - that's why Charlie Bears are so popular around the world!

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