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Harlequin Teddy Bear With Little Elephant EAN 421563

  • by Steiff
  • sku#  58485
  • 20, 6”
  • LTD 138
Harlequin Teddy Bear With Little Elephant EAN 421563 by Steiff

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Harlequin Teddy Bear With Little Elephant EAN 421563
by Steiff

The peak. The pinnacle. The zenith. These superlatives only begin to describe the coveted Margarete Steiff black label edition for 2018. Steiff summoned all their creative and technical resources to bring you a Teddy bear set that is truly unequalled in the company' history.

A Margarete Steiff Black Label Edition
Limited To Only 138 Worldwide

In the Roaring 20s, there was a tremendous demand for colorful Steiff Teddy bears with happy faces. One very famous example, the Harlequin bear, was made as a one-of-a-kind sample in 1925. In 1999, he sold at special auction for around $109,000.

Steiff s breathing new life into this storied design for an exceptional special edition. From weaving to sewing to design to packaging, the Margarete Steiff Harlequin bear, accompanied by an enchanting Harlequin remake of the famous "Elefantle," represents an outstanding achievement for Steiff and an unparalleled opportunity for a select group of 138 collectors.

Lurex: An Innovative New Fabric For Harlequin Teddy

Traditional alpaca yarns are woven with modern metallic Lurex threads to create a luxurious and lustrous Teddy bear fabric that is completely new!

So What Are Lurex Threads?
Lurex threads are created from a synthetic film on which a layer of gold has been vaporized. The unique yarn presents many challenges throughout the creative and production process, but it is well worth the effort!

A Very Special Ear Tag
Both pieces in this set wear a polished stainless steel button in ear and a woven black "Margarete Steiff Edition" label in their ears!

A Nose That Knows Fine Detailing
The Teddy bear's nose is made by hand from black Nappa leather and is supplied by a local organ-building firm in Giengen. This company is "just around the corner" from the Steiff factory and also produces special orders such as voices for select Steiff animals.

Soft And Supple Nappa Leather
The luxurious quality of Nappa leather has been used generously in this new set. Both the Teddy bear's paw pads and the saddle on the elephant sport this wonderful material.

A Unique Approach To The Classic "Elefantle"
The very first design by Margarete Steiff is exquisite in this 2018 set. The little elephant's eyes are made of onyx and its tusks have been carved by hand from mammoth fossils!

A Special Edition Needs A Special Package
packagingLuxurious, exquisitely crafted packaging is used for this exceptional set. The box is manufactured by the Kundner company, a Steiff supplier since 1928. Kundner specializes in exclusive packaging in small quantities. The company employs just 60 workers, 30 of whom work at home. The Harlequin set box, which is cherry red outside and grey inside, is made of 100 per cent recycled paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This organization verifies that paper products have been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable manner. Finally, the Teddy bear and elephant rest in a bed of excelsior that has been specially coloured light blue to create a dramatic impression. The set comes with a booklet and a certificate signed by the Management of Margarete Steiff GmbH.

Will you be one of the lucky 138 Steiff collectors worldwide who will own this very special Margarete Steiff black tag set?

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Harlequin Teddy Bear With Little Elephant EAN 421563
by Steiff

Size Height : 20, 6 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 138
Materials Mohair
Stuffed with Excelsior
Features Hand-Blown Glass Eyes
Jointing Number of Joints : 5
Button-In-Ear Tag Special Button : Stainless Steel
Margarete Steiff Edition Tag
Authenticity Includes Certificate of Authenticity
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin Germany

“Only the best
is good enough for our children.”

With this statement, company founder Margarete Steiff established Steiff's commitment to quality.

For over a century, this has remained the Steiff motto.

The Tradition Of Steiff
Creator Of The First Teddy Bear

Steiff Button in EarAs the second oldest German toy company still in existence, Steiff has had a very influential role in how the world plays.

Margarete Steiff designed her first soft-filled fabric toy animal, an elephant made of felt, and began the family business. Margarete's nephew Richard Steiff studied art in Stuttgart and brought a heightened sense of realism to Steiff designs. In 1902, Steiff created the 55PB, a mohair plush bear that is the basis for the modern Teddy Bear we know today.

In 1902, Clifford Berryman, a well-know cartoonist for the Washington Post, made popular a caricature little bear with American president Theodore Roosevelt: thus, the "Teddy" bear was born. Children and adults have made the Teddy bear an iconic toy, universally loved and adored. Over the years, Steiff's focus on delighting children with realistic soft animals brought them fame around the world. Their innovations in airbrushing, choice materials and manufacturing have created toys that are prized everywhere.

Steiff continues to create Teddy bears and other animal friends at their factory in the small town of Giengen, Germany. After 125 years, Steiff continues to lead the world in the finest Teddy bear designs and manufacturing. Their commitment to quality and excellence has brought joy to generations around the world.

Danny and Barrie Shapiro of The Toy Shoppe with Jim Pitocco, President of Steiff USASince our doors first opened in 1975, The Toy Shoppe has been your premier Steiff store!

Photo: Danny and Barrie, owners of The Toy Shoppe pictured here with Jim Pitocco, President of Steiff USA

The very first box of merchandise that we opened for our shoppe in 1975 was filled with Steiff Teddy bears and it was exhilarating! We established The Toy Shoppe way back then to bring fine dolls and Teddy bears to our collectors. With their long tradition and commitment to excellence, Steiff bears are a natural fit for our shoppe.

In the early 1900s, Richard Steiff created the modern Teddy bear as we know and love him today. Steiff's continued innovation and commitment to quality has touched generations of children around the world.

Over the years, Steiff collectors in the USA and around the world have turned to The Toy Shoppe for their Steiff bears and animals. Our selection is unmatched. We have worked closely with Steiff both in North America and in Germany to design exclusive editions for our collectors that are compelling to Steiff collectors and Teddy bear lovers alike. We travelled to Giengen, Germany to search for inspiration deep within Steiff's archives, their treasure trove of past editions that reaches into their rich history. Maximilian began our Steiff Teddy bear family over a decade ago and since then we've created a wide array of Steiff editions exclusively for our collectors. From Traveller to Little Bear to GrandPapa to Chub-ling to Polar Cub to little Jocko, each one has brought a unique character of Steiff design often introducing innovative techniques or materials in their production. Collectors have adored our Toy Shoppe exclusives by Steiff!

We at The Toy Shoppe are honored to be the premier Steiff shoppe in North America. Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and eager to assist you. Just call us toll free 1 800 447-7995 and we will be glad to help you discover that perfect addition to your Teddy bear collection or that perfect Steiff gift for a child, a baby or even yourself!


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