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Flavia Flamingo

Flavia Flamingo by Chatham Village Bears

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Flavia Flamingo
by Chatham Village Bears

Flavia the Flamingo has a personality all her own. She's a free-spirit, a bit whimsical and loves anything pink! Measuring 10 inches tall, Flavia is a flurry of pink sewn from mohair with a beak and long legs made from synthetic fabric. She has wire armature throughout her body including her legs and a jointed neck for added expression. Her sweet face has the friendliest hand-painted glass eyes with subtle airbrushed details to really bring her to life! Flavia Flamingo would make a fun addition to any collection. A whimsical creation by Art Rogers of Chatham Village Bears.

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Flavia Flamingo
by Chatham Village Bears

Size Height : 10 inches
Edition Open Edition
Materials Mohair
Synthetic Fabric
Features Glass Eyes
Hand-Painted Eyes
Airbrushed Accents
Jointing Jointed at the Neck
Wire Armature
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin United States

Unforgettable Expressions Of Chatham Village Bears

Art Rogers is one of the few artists who deserves the description of being UNIQUE. His caricatures of familiar animal friends are bursting with personality. Just as often his subjects are the uncommon (such as an octopus, a Pumpkinhead or a mummy) and Art brings them to life with his distinct charismatic style.

Art Rogers of Chatham Village BearsArt Rogers of Chatham Village Bears is well-known for his trademark big-eyed, whimsical creatures. Created with interesting fabrics, unique and contemporary designs, his work has been featured in magazines and museums around the world. Art has expressed himself artistically since childhood; in 1982, he earned his Master of Fine Arts degree. It was not until 1997 that he was introduced to bear making. It has been a love affair ever since.

Art Rogers of Chatham Village BearsToday, Art happily makes his original bears and other soft sculptured creatures using traditional techniques and only the finest fabrics... but he doesn't hesitate to try something new or different! With Chatham Village Bears, being creative and fun is what it is all about!

"I love the creative process. I love working with fabrics. I love doing new designs. It is so cool to have a bear or another special animal looking back at me when completed."

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