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Spring Twig, White Nesting Mouse

Spring Twig, White Nesting Mouse by Stevi T's Alpaca Encounters

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Spring Twig, White Nesting Mouse
by Stevi T's Alpaca Encounters


Snuggled down in a cozy nest of twigs with hints of green foliage, this 3.5 inch white mouse is all curled up and and enjoying a nap. He is entirely needle felted from white alpaca fibers. His eyes are almost closed all the way... but not quite... If you look hard enough you can see a glimpse of his glass beed eyes. Shaded details, colored with fabric markers enhance his realistic look. Hand-applied whiskers made from horse hair is the perfect finishing touch to this sleepy little fellow. Nest measures 6 inches wide and 2 inches deep. Please Note: Each Stevi T creation is handmade by the artist. No two are exactly alike, making each truly unique.

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Spring Twig, White Nesting Mouse
by Stevi T's Alpaca Encounters

Size Height : 6 inches
Width : 6 inches
Depth : 2 inches
Edition Unique Edition of a Series
Materials Alpaca
Weighted with Pellets
All-Natural Materials
Features Glass Eyes
Needle-Felted Details
Hand-Applied Whiskers
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin United States

Stevi T's Alpaca Encounters Are Precious, One-Of-A-Kind, Needle-Felted Sculpts Inspired By Nature

Stevi T alpaca animal creationsThe artist behind these whimsical characters is Stevi T, who developed her creative talents while nurturing her three young children at home. After creating a rag doll for her daughter, she began her career. Spirited and striving to be different, she launched her own line of soft sculpture characters. These one-of-a-kind characters are needle-felted using Alpaca fiber. They are posable with wire armatures wrapped with polyfill. Each with their own personalities, many with a mythical lineage, they are adorned with vintage or hand dyed fabrics, trims and beads or accented with the richness of natural materials. Several of these natural materials include feathers, furs, wings and leaves.

Stevi T has received national recognition and even had several guest appearances on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee. Her work has been featured in Contemporary Doll Collector, DOLLS, and Doll Reader magazines.

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