Movies at The Toy Shoppe


It is such a wonderful thing to be around fine dolls and Teddy bears every day. They 're just plain fun! We've created a few movies to share them with you. We know you will enjoy them. So grab some popcorn and enjoy on of our little movies.

Please note: some offers or information may have changed since we made these videos. If you have any questions, just call us toll free at 1 800 447-7995 and we will be happy to help you.

Albert Einstein Bobblehead
Einstein Bobble Head At The Toy Shoppe

Bobbleheads are just plain fun. They make everyone smile and laugh. We have a terrific selection of very famous people as bobbleheads. According to Einstein, they are very smart! Check out these fun bobbles!.

Miffy's Rainy Day

Oh no. It's a rainy day that may turn out to be BOOOOORRRRIIIING. But wait... Miffy has an idea! Starring 60th Anniversary NIJNTJE Miffy EAN 354618 by Steiff and Miffy Keyring, 60th Anniversary EAN 354748 by Steiff.

St. Nicholas by R. John Wright

First in a planned series of Father Christmas figures re-imagined as adorable mice only 3.5 inches tall! Starring St. Nicholas by R. John Wright.

Nodding Bear by Steiff

WARNING... The photos don't show you the whole truth about this bear! The actual secret of the nodding bear is only revealed in real life (or in the video linked above)! Starring Nodding Bear EAN 021466 by Steiff.

Little Bonzo by Steiff

Steiff brings this little fellow to life with all the charm and delight of the original beloved illustrated puppy by George E. Studdy. He charmed us immensely!