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Kimberly Lasher: BJDs & More Fine Collectible Dolls From Lasher Studios

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Warm and Fuzzy Outfit For SD BJDs


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Ball-Jointed Dolls (BJDs) by Kimberly Lasher

BJD Ball Jointed Dolls by Kimberly LasherExpressive BJDs By A True Artisan

Collected by famous Hollywood celebrities, shown in galleries in both the USA and Paris, Kimberly Lasher's ball-jointed dolls and fairies quietly steal their way into your heart. When we discovered Kimberly, we could see she had a special artistic touch with BJDs (ball-jointed dolls). Entirely designed by Kimberly, her BJD art-dolls can be posed, dressed and played with. Created in small, limited editions with custom-made clothing, each is hand painted and assembled by Kimberly Lasher in her studio.

As seen in DOLL READER! Congratulations to Kimberly for her 2011 DOLL READER Magazine cover story on Juliet.

BJDs have been widely popular in the Asian market for several years. It is interesting that American doll artist, Kimberly Lasher, has taken this widely popular concept and applied her own creative talents to make truly unique dolls.

Kimberly's BJDs are expressive and intricately designed. They stand out in any collection and make quite a statement. Due to their popular demand and small edition sizes, BJDs such as Caroline with Rabbit and Olive Ballerina have quickly sold out.

A Collaboration Between Two Toy Shoppe Artisans

Kimberly's very popular Anya as Alice was a very special BJD edition, created just for The Toy Shoppe. Dressed as a fun and quirky variation of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Kimberly's charming edition of Anya was the perfect match for a collaborative project with Feltie artist, Mikki Klug. Mikki's creative touch made Cheshire Kitty and Alice's Flamingo perfect companions for Kimberly Lasher's Anya as Alice.