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Theodor in his Everyday Outfit 2002

Theodor in his Everyday Outfit 2002 by Annette Himstedt

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Theodor in his Everyday Outfit 2002
by Annette Himstedt

From Annette Himstedt's 2002 Kinder Collection.

No longer in production, Annette is very pleased to offer her few remaining pieces from her manufactory through The Toy Shoppe. With the closing of her manufactory, Annette collaborated closely with Barrie and Danny from The Toy Shoppe to ensure the appropriate ending of this chapter in her career and has made these treasures available for our collectors. A truly rare and wonderful opportunity!

Annette's 2002 vinyl creations are a reflection of her earlier well-known and beloved dolls. Inspired by their simplicity and charm, she has used these as a guide for the 2002 collection. Annette says that her 2002 collection pays tribute to all the best things about her early dolls...their realism, their expression and their dresses. Theodor Everyday dreams of being a magical wizard!  He is a 26 inch tall vinyl doll with jointing at his shoulders and neck. He is too cute with his unruly mohair hair and mischievous, child-like expression! He wears his everyday clothes and comes with a magic wand and broom. Although his eyes are acrylic, they are nonetheless striking.

Theodor in his Everyday Outfit 2002
by Annette Himstedt

Size Height : 26 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 333
Materials Vinyl
Hair Mohair Wig
Features Acrylic Eyes
Jointing Number of Joints : 3
Accessories magic wand and broom
Authenticity Includes Certificate of Authenticity
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin Germany

The Toy Shoppe is honored to present Annette Himstedt's Artist's Proofs and dolls from her Personal Collection.

Danny and Barrie Shapiro with Annette Himstedt at Toy FairUpon sharing the news of her manufactory's closure, Annette collaborated closely with The Toy Shoppe to ensure the appropriate ending of this chapter in her career. It is an honor to be chosen by Annette to exclusively represent her own private collection of past dolls including her Artist's Proofs. This is the most important and exclusive collection of dolls we've offered in our 36 years.

Please call toll free 1 800 447-7995 if you are interested.

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How Annette Himstedt Impacted The Doll World

Defining Movement In Realism

Doll making has changed radically in the past 200 years with the introduction of modern materials such as porcelain, vinyl, composition and resin. Doll design has also changed over this time but with only a handful of very influential movements such as the French Fashion Dolls in the 1800's typified by Bru and Jumeau. Another was the Munich Art Dolls of the early 1900's. Kathe Kruse dolls typified this movement which continues today: their wonderful dolls are a model of understated charm...classic simplicity with straight arms and a straightforward gaze.

Capturing The Motion And Life Of A Child

the original Barefoot Children by Annette HimstedtWith her Barefoot Children in 1986, Annette Himstedt established a bold new direction for doll making. Gone was any mannequin-like structure: her dolls were like children at play with bent arms and fingers sculpted in relaxed, natural positions. Annette captured movement in her sculpts with her innovative natural posing. The large scale of her dolls was unique and very engaging. And their shoes, usually an integral part of a doll, were completely gone! Several artists such as Hildegard Gunzel and Rotraut Schrott were also breaking from traditional doll making; yet with the phenomenal and immediate commercial success of the Barefoot Children at their debut, it was Annette who defined this movement and inspired many artists to follow.

A Renewed Interest

This dramatic change sparked a renewed interest in dolls and Annette has presented fresh and exciting creations for over two decades! When history reflects on this time, it will surely credit Annette for inspiring artists to new and remarkable levels of creativity in the Realistic Doll Movement of the twentieth century.

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