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Steampunk Dorothy

  • by Mark Dennis
  • sku#  55313
  • 13”
  • One-Of-A-Kind
  •   Available exclusively at The Toy Shoppe!  
Steampunk Dorothy by Mark Dennis

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Steampunk Dorothy
by Mark Dennis

Available Exclusively At The Toy Shoppe!Once again Mark Dennis has brought his magic touch to the classic story the Wizard of Oz and given it a steampunk twist. Steampunk Dorothy is a witch hunter brought to Oz by the wizard. She and Toto, her beloved English Bulldog, have captured one of the flying monkeys who is very willing to give her the location of the Witch of the West. Mark's ability to sculpt is remarkable and his keen eye for perfect body proportions is so incredibly fine tuned. He has sculpted Dorothy, Toto and the Flying Monkey from polymer clay and given them so much life with realistic detailing. Dorothy's outfit is handmade from leather, cotton and lace... Perfect for her edgy steampunk look. Her cheeky smile and enameled jade eyes are framed by a mohair wig. Toto is just as remarkable as Dorothy. The sculpted texture and wrinkles in Toto's fur is so perfect that that when combined with Mark's hand-painting Toto looks so lifelike! As for the flying monkey, Mark has also made him look lifelike with so much thought put into the design of his body language and details such as his wings. This piece is outstanding. Entire piece measures 13 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. For a safe journey to your home and ease of shipping, Toto and the Flying Monkey's wings can be removed.

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Steampunk Dorothy
by Mark Dennis

Size Height : 13 inches
Width : 5 inches
Depth : 4 inches
Edition One-Of-A-Kind
Toy Shoppe Exclusive
Materials Pro-Sculpt
Cotton Fabric
Hair Mohair Wig
Features Hand-Painted
Authenticity Includes Certificate of Authenticity
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin United States

Dynamic & Expressive Doll Art By Mark Dennis

Mark DennisMark Dennis attended Mansfield State College and majored in technical theatre. He took a sculpting class in college and found that he tremendously enjoyed the process of molding and shaping various materials with his hands.

Although he worked in various theatrical venues after graduation, Mark realized his greatest creative expression was in sculpting. Mark was always been inspired by the work of classic artists such as Rodin, Maxfield Parish and Leonardo DiVinci. As he sculpted, he enjoyed watching his creations unfold. Mark later managed a bronze foundry as a way to cast his work in bronze. In addition, he has worked in wood and other two dimensional art forms.

Eager to try new things as well as make a living, Mark ventured into landscape design and construction. He discovered that he could create dramatic designs with the natural elements in nature. However, after an injury made landscape work difficult, Mark decided to focus all his efforts on his most beloved art form. He now enjoys expressing his creativity as a full-time sculptor from the comfort of his home in Pennsylvania.

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