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Pink Bunny My First Huggums 28960

Pink Bunny My First Huggums 28960 by Madame Alexander

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Pink Bunny My First Huggums 28960
by Madame Alexander


Pink Bunny Huggums is a darling 12 inch baby doll with blue eyes and light brown painted hair. She has a huggable cloth body with limbs and a head made of high-quality vinyl. She wears a footed, pink velour onesie that has snap openings on one side. An applique of a white felt rabbit with floppy bunny ears and a pink organza ribbon decorates the front of her onsie. On the back of her onsie there is an applique of the back view of the rabbit, complete with a tail. This sweet huggums doll comes with a plush white bunny that has an embroidered face and a pink satin bow. Part of the Baby Alexander Collection. Suitable for ages 2 and up. 

Madame Alexander baby dolls are great for all ages.

Through the Alexander Doll Company's history, the tradition their company has celebrated most is the passing of the love of dolls from mothers to daughters and even granddaughters. Their soft bodied baby dolls make great starter dolls for any small child or toddler, but also capture the hearts of those beyond the years of pretend tea parties and nap time.

A doll offers many things for a child... it's so much more than just a toy. Dolls play a big role in healthy child development.

  • Empathy And Compassion: Role playing with a doll teaches a child how to express their feelings and how to process emotions such as compassion and empathy.
  • Communication: Healthy communication skills develop when children play together with dolls. By communicating with others, their language and vocabulary skills are strengthened. Also wen a child is exposed to new situations, they learn new things. They learn that home life and routines may be different for others and allows a child to learn more about the world around them.
  • Motor Skills: Changing their clothes and playing with dolls in general provides a child with the opportunity to develop and greatly improve their motor skills.
  • Responsibility Taking care of a doll allows a child to learn responsibility and how to care for others.
  • Social Skills: Dolls teach the importance of sharing, language skills and how to interact socially with others when playing with other children. They learn how to get along with others nicely and communicate.
  • Imagination: Of course a child's imagination is engaged with doll play allowing a child's mind to broaden and discover new ideas.

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Pink Bunny My First Huggums 28960
by Madame Alexander

Size Height : 12 inches
Edition Open Edition
Materials Vinyl
Cloth Body
Hair Painted Hair
Features Airbrushed Accents
Accessories bunny
Age Appropriate 2 and up

Madame Alexander Celebrates Over 90 Years Of Dollmaking!

"What a doll does for a little girl is to develop her capacity to love others and herself."

These are the words spoken by Madame Beatrice Alexander and represent the spirit and love that is encapsulated in each and every Madame Alexander doll.

Madame Beatrice Alexander - Entrepreneur, Pioneer, And Doll Artist Extraordinaire

The year was 1923, a time when a woman working outside the home was rare, and a woman starting a business was virtually nonexistent. But over time, the dolls created by her business grew to represent characters inspired by history, art, literature, entertainment, and the world's cultures. Today, 90 years later, The Alexander Doll Company continues her legacy by making quality dolls that cross the generations.from a little girls first baby doll, to a collector's treasured edition.

Through The Alexander Doll Company's history though, the tradition the company has celebrated most is the passing of the love of dolls from mothers to daughters and even granddaughters.

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