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Lucky Enough To Be Irish 66245

Lucky Enough To Be Irish 66245 by Madame Alexander

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Lucky Enough To Be Irish 66245
by Madame Alexander

Special Value!
Original Price Was $99.95.
If you're Lucky Enough To Be Irish, you'll definitely want to have this 8 inch, fully articulated, vinyl Maggie. She has green eyes, freckles, tousled Taffy Tan curls and is wearing a leprechaun inspired outfit. Her white corduroy pants suit, with cropped legs, features a tuxedo jacket that has emerald green satin cuffs, collar and lapels. An apple green, faux, double-breasted vest, with pearled buttons, adds a splash of leprechaun flair to her lucky look. As does the green shamrock on her knee and the green ascot at her throat. An apple green stovepipe hat with a shamrock and green band, green and white striped stockings and black flock brogues complete the look for this lucky lass. And if you're Lucky Enough To Be Irish, having this Maggie is even better than having a pot of gold. A 2013 Spring edition from Madame Alexander's Special Occasions Collection. Suitable for ages 14 and up.

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Lucky Enough To Be Irish 66245
by Madame Alexander

Size Height : 8 inches
Edition Open Edition
Materials Vinyl
Hair Synthetic Wig
Jointing Number of Joints : 5
Authenticity Includes Certificate of Authenticity
Age Appropriate 14 and up

Madame Alexander Celebrates Over 90 Years Of Dollmaking!

"What a doll does for a little girl is to develop her capacity to love others and herself."

These are the words spoken by Madame Beatrice Alexander and represent the spirit and love that is encapsulated in each and every Madame Alexander doll.

Madame Beatrice Alexander - Entrepreneur, Pioneer, And Doll Artist Extraordinaire

The year was 1923, a time when a woman working outside the home was rare, and a woman starting a business was virtually nonexistent. But over time, the dolls created by her business grew to represent characters inspired by history, art, literature, entertainment, and the world's cultures. Today, 90 years later, The Alexander Doll Company continues her legacy by making quality dolls that cross the generations.from a little girls first baby doll, to a collector's treasured edition.

Through The Alexander Doll Company's history though, the tradition the company has celebrated most is the passing of the love of dolls from mothers to daughters and even granddaughters.

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