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Camellia Sinensis

Camellia Sinensis by Zwergnase

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Camellia Sinensis
by Zwergnase


Camellia Sinensis is a 17.7 inch elvin doll with hand-blown German glass eyes made in Lauscha. Her beautiful hand-painted face is framed by a strawberry blond real hair wig. She has a cloth body with a vinyl head, chest plate and limbs. Camellia Sinensis wears the sweetest white and gray ensemble consisting of layers of cotton fabric and laces. Floral print leggings and leather lace-up boots add to her fashionable look. For the finishing details, Camellia's outfit is embellished with delicate feathers. Made in Germany. Camellia Sinensis 16608-45 is a Spring edition by Zwergnase limited to only 25 pieces.

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Camellia Sinensis
by Zwergnase

Size Height : 17.7 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 25
Materials Vinyl
Cloth Body
Hair Real Hair Wig
Features Glass Eyes
Jointing Jointed at the Neck
Authenticity Includes Certificate of Authenticity
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin Germany

Expressive Dolls & Bears By Zwergnase - Crafted In The Historic Countryside of Sonneberg, Germany

Dolls and Bears By ZwergnaseThere is a certain magic about the countryside around Sonneberg in the Thuringian Forest. For children it is a kind of Christmas country. Connoisseurs and lovers of traditional handicrafts still appreciate today the wonderful things which were made here at the turn of the century.

Zwergnase dollsZwergnase dolls and bears are lively and contemporary but a great part of their exceptional quality stems from this centuries-old tradition. Artist Nicole Marschollek-Menzner is the name behind the Zwergnase productions. Nicole Marschollek was born in Rauenstein, near Sonneberg and from childhood she was fascinated with porcelain from her hometown, and toys from Sonneberg. Nicole Marschollek has wonderful imaginative and innovative design aspects and her dolls are known throughout the world and in high demand.

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