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Brunette In Blue Knit Dress DJ112

Brunette In Blue Knit Dress DJ112 by Elisabeth Pongratz

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Brunette In Blue Knit Dress DJ112
by Elisabeth Pongratz


Standing 10 inches tall, this little girl is simply darling. Over the years, the all-wood DJ style Pongratz doll has consistently stolen the hearts of collectors, as well as ours. Their petite bodies and warm expressions are so charming. They really draw you in. This little girl features Elisabeth's all-wood, articulated body with jointing at her neck, shoulders and hips. She has a beautiful hand-painted face and short hand-knotted mohair wig styled in the cutest little pig tails. Elisabeth has created a darling ensemble for this little girl. She wears a blue hand-knit dress accented with tiny intricate knitted details and little embroidered flowers. Under this, she wears a delicate hand-knit one piece undergarment. Tiny little buttons fasten down the back for a delicate touch of detail. Little white hand-knit socks and beige leather shoes complete her outfit. She comes with her very own handmade wooden stand to easily display your Pongratz doll. A 2019 edition by German artist Elisabeth Pongratz.

Please Note: Girl in white knit dress (57591) is sold separately.

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Brunette In Blue Knit Dress DJ112
by Elisabeth Pongratz

Size Height : 10 inches
Materials Wood
Hair Mohair Wig
Hand-Knotted Wig
Features Hand-Painted
Jointing Number of Joints : 5
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin Germany

Dolls That Speak From The Heart - Handmade Wood Dolls By European Artist Elisabeth Pongratz

Handmade Wood Dolls By Elisabeth PongratzSince 1979, the all-wood Pongratz doll has captured the hearts of doll collectors while remaining virtually unchanged since its inception! Inspired by the Munich Art Doll movement of the early 20th century, Elisabeth's dolls are delicately handcarved and hand-painted in a simplistic fashion - very similar to dolls by Sasha Morgenthaler and Kathe Kruse - with a sweetness that tugs at your heart. The all-wood dolls are fully jointed using a unique spring mechanism specially designed by Elisabeth and her husband, Wolf. Her soft-bodied babies are filled with sand for a sturdy yet cuddly feel. Because of their handcrafted nature, a very small number of dolls are created each year. Elisabeth Pongratz dolls speak from the heart.

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