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Abbie by Maggie Iacono

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Expected December 2019

by Maggie Iacono

Abbie and her cute tag-along friend are ready to land where ever those magical balloons may lead them.

Abbie is a beautiful 15.5 inch tall felt doll with wonderful articulation. She features jointing at her hips, shoulders, elbows, knees and even has wired fingers! Her face is intricately hand-painted and framed by a blond mohair wig styled in long braids.

Abbie is ready to play in her teal felt jumpsuit with an adorable multi-color felt balloon design. Each delicately air-brushed balloon applique features a string so that Abbie's little travel companion can hang on to them. In a beautiful sea of teal there is Abbie's lush moss green, long-sleeved blouse with individually sewn teal stripes. Black Mary Jane's and fuchsia socks complete the look. Magenta socks and black suede Mary Jane's complete her ensemble.

Always close by her side is Abbie's travel companion. Her small felt dolly wears a blue felt hat and charcoal gray dress with floral appliques. Her sweet hand-painted face is framed by a long blonde mohair wig. She cosily sits in the large front pocket of Abbie's jumpsuit. A 2019 edition by Maggie Iacono of Maggie Made Dolls limited to only 50 pieces worldwide.

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by Maggie Iacono

Size Height : 15.5 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 50
Materials All-Wool Felt
Hair Mohair Wig
Features Airbrushed Accents
Jointing Number of Joints : 9
Wire Armature
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin United States

Expressions In Felt By Maggie Iacono

Maggie Iacono Presented With 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award by DOLLS magazineMaggie Iacono was the recipient of the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award by Dolls Magazine. Iacono, with 31 years of dedication to the craft, raises the bar of excellence for the doll industry year after year, making her an ideal pick for this year's winner.

Maggie Iacono creates dolls that give you one simple, irresistable want to pick them up and hold them. Maggie has created the only collectible, pressed wool felt doll that is completely posable using her own unique ball-jointing system. Her soft, hand-painted faces are captivating. Many of her custom outfits are painted by hand with storybook scenes and the like.

At her Pennsylvania studio, felt doll artist Maggie Iacono creates exquisite, small limited editions that are prized by collectors. Her art has been exhibited in museums around the world including the Louvre in Paris!

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