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Ultra Fast Shipping

Thank you for spending the time to educate me on Teddy bears and for the ultra fast shipping!!!

— Linda from USA

Thanks For Taking The Time

Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph and describe Captain Snuggleton to me. He arrived last week and I absolutely love him! He has a wonderful face, just as you described. My son thinks he is fabulous too!

— Tara from Florida

Just Like My Cat

I received Jingles and he truly is adorable! I am sure that he will give me many smiles through the years. He looks just like my cat, Jack.

— Sylvia from USA

Too Cute To Handle!!!

My Mini Steiff Valentine bear arrived today. I cannot get over how cute she is!!! She might be a tiny Teddy, but she has stolen my heart over and over again!

— Jane from NY

Rare And Wonderful

I love my most recent purchases (my Charley Bear I named Rubin) and Zwergnase. I always love the things I purchase from you! Not only that but I am so impressed that you remember me, bend over backwards to help me find what I am looking for, and send little extras when I need extra cheering up. All of my contacts and purchases with you have been pleasant! You are rare and wonderful! I just want to thank you so very much! I look around my home at my most loved treasures and most of them I have gotten from you! Thank you for your excellent attention to details, listening to my desires and finding what I am looking for and for remembering who I am. I am very happy to have found you so many years ago! Just great big gratitude!

— Dary from USA

She's Gorgeous

My Alice arrived! She's gorgeous! Thank you so much!

— Kristin from USA

My Charlie Bear

You are the best Toy Shoppe I know! And the nicest people to work with! Rubin (my re-named Charlie Bear) is sitting here with me. He has a comfy hand-made, well loved doll quilt around his shoulders. I bought him a perfect sized mug for his cocoa at Starbucks for Christmas. It has trees all over it. He loves the forest like I do.....but of course, he loves his comforts, too. We are great pals! ... He has the most expressive eyes! How can I refuse him? :)

— Darly from USA

So Thrilled With My Purchase

Thank you Barrie for your kindness and in helping me in selecting my first purchase from The Toy Shoppe. I had never purchased a doll online before and you made it all so easy. I will be a return customer. My Alice in Wonderland doll came in perfect condition and I am most happy with her and the process of dealing with you and your store. I highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in your wonderful toys. Best regards!

— Dianne from California

Well Worth The Wait

I just got home from my vacation and I received the package with the White Rabbit (by Jennifer Sutherland) inside. He was well worth the wait. I love it!

— Dianne from USA

Love It

I am a total doll person but really like Charlie Bears. Received Kekezza Thurs. Was so surprised I got it so early. This started out as a gift for my 2nd grandchild if it were a girl. They are having a boy so now this one is mine. Simply adorable.

— Margaret from Wisconsin

Hello Kitty Arrived Quick!

Great item, wonderful communication and fast shipping!

— Sharon from California

Heart Throb

What can I say about the Charlie Bear named Niall; but heart throb. I am a sucker for the color blue and he pulls it off wonderfully with his soft blue and blue leopard-pattern panda look. I can definitely see him encouraging me to acquiring more Charlie Bears in the future.

— Lisa from USA

First Time

This is the first time I have ordered online from The Toy Shoppe and it has been a wonderful experience!

— Bonnie from New York

Shipped So Nicely

Thank you so much for shipping it so nicely - it⁽s always a pleasure doing business with you!

— Jane from USA

Wonderful Items

Thank you to everyone at the Toy Shoppe who works with me to ensure that I can collect such wonderful items. I will be in touch soon.

— Janet from USA

The Prettiest Face

...a belated thank you for picking out the doll with the prettiest face! Makes a big difference to me.

— Cathy from USA

Another Special Visit

Wanted to thank you for making another visit to the Toy Shoppe special. The time you spend not only to answer any questions; but the time you spend just visiting makes a trip there all that more of a treat. Plus I also enjoy being able to chat with others, who may be visiting and that share a similar enjoyment of the wonderful things you carry.

— Lisa and Rod from USA

The Queen Arrived

Just wanted to let you know Queen Elizabeth arrived in wonderful shape. Thanks so much for your great service.

— Sue from USA

The Star On The Mantle

Just wanted you to know... R. John Wright‘s St. Nicholas is just wonderful! I have many of his mice, particularly all the Christmas mice. He will be the star on the mantle this year! Thank you!

— Isabel from USA

Caring About Customers

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer care. It is heartwarming to know there are still businesses that truly care about their customers.

— Salley from Florida

Beautiful Dolls And Bears, Amazing Customer Service!!

I‘ve been a customer of The Toy Shoppe for a number of years. I have purchased beautiful dolls of my dreams and lovable, adorable bears and other stuffed animals. I‘ve never been disappointed! Florence is a real treasure and has helped me arrange payment plans and has put up with my questions and forgetfulness! During my cancer and chemotherapy, she often inquired about my well being, and this meant so much! I can‘t say enough about this amazing shop, their merchandise, and their people! Thanks so very much!

— Wanda W. from USA

Steiff Replica Even Better In Person

Even though I had seen the Steiff 1908 replica bear in your catalogs, he was so much more charming in person. He is such a wonderful addition to my collection of Steiff replicas. I just love the antique style of the Steiff replica pieces and at prices that fit my pocketbook. The faded tip mohair, gives him a warm two-tone look. I can‘t help but smile when I tip him and I get to hear his growler.

— Lisa from USA

World Needs More People Like Kathy

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the wonderful service your special shop provides. I recently received an order and had the pleasure of speaking with Kathy on the phone about its shipment. She was so helpful and enthusiastic. The world needs more people like Kathy.

— Victoria from USA

Love The Layaway

Ballerina arrived safely. Thank you so much for your lovely layaway policy that allows me to have dolls I could not afford all at once.

— Linda Sue from USA

Appreciates The Ordering Experience

What a pleasure ordering from you and problem-solving with you. I am a single mother and your pricing and accommodations for alternate items has been wonderful and very appreciated. Not to mention, ordering from someone who loves their business and their customers, and someone I can trust.

— Haden

Loves Steiff Snowmen

I have been collecting Steiff snowmen for many years. I like to display them during Christmas time. I was so thrilled to see that Steiff had released a Snowman Ted. It will made a great addition to my collection. Also, I wanted to thank you for offering the layaway plan. I would not have been able to afford him if it wasn’t for my ability to make monthly payments.

— Diana from USA

Loves Steiff Replica

I can't say enough about the Steiff Teddy Clown Replica 1926!!! I love having access to classic designed and superbly crafted pieces at prices that are affordable to those of us who are not able to swing antique pieces. As one who loves the old-time appeal of replica pieces, I can say Teddy Clown makes me feel like a kid again when the world was full of wonders waiting to be discovered.

— Lisa from USA

Giggling About Her New Charlie Bear

I LOVE DUFFY. My mother and I were giggling like little girls when we took him out the box. Leonard was so happy to see another Charlie Bear. Thanks.

— Dorothy from VA

Can Always Count On The Toy Shoppe

The Toy Shoppe is wonderful to do business with. My bear came quickly. In perfect condition. And is lovely!

— C. Miller from Mississippi

Stunning Anniversary Poem

Oh my goodness what a stunning Charlie Bear and sooooo worth the wait. Thank you to all of you at the Toy Shoppe you are all truly amazing xxxx

— Patricia Mullane from United Kingdom

Loves RJW Bunnies

Received the bunnies (Pansy and Tulip by R. John Wright) and they are gorgeous! Love them. Thanks so much!

— Linda W. from USA

Thanks For The Layaway Program

I got Tiny Riley. She is the cutest. Thank you so much for your layaway program. She is standing by my Kish Children of Yesteryear Marie (Geez senior moment, I think that's her name). I got her at the doll show in Newport News way back in early 90s at the Greek Center. She was a layaway, too. I‘ve had her forever. Some started my Helen Kish fever. Thank you for the rapid shipping. You've made me happy and believe me I needed to see her. Laugh.

— Dorothy from USA

Fun To Collect

You guys are AWESOME! Thanks for making it fun to collect, not stressful!

— Teresa from Georgia

Glad To be Warm Again

Whiskers arrived safely, he is glad to be in the warm again!

— Dorothy from USA

A Cut Above

Thanks everyone here for Amazing Customer Service The Toy Shoppe continues to be such a cut above... you folks haven‘t changed your personal service... THANK YOU ALL!

— Robert from New York

Steiff Set Of Silver

The 2017 Steiff Club Event Teddy bear is such a silver gem! His smile is very adoring and welcoming. I am looking forward to the arrival of his bigger brother, the 2017 Annual Club Teddy bear. Then I can say I have a ‘set of silver’ with all of the 2017 silver bears together.

— Lisa from USA

Extra Thanks To Kathy

An extra THANK YOU to Kathy for getting Teddy Bloom's silk ribbon tied back on so awesomely!

— Lisa from USA

Batman Doll Was Worth The Wait

I received my Madame Alexander Batman -- It was worth the wait! Adorable! A nice addition to the collection for my granddaughter. She copies her brother and everything is Batman right now. I add to the collection of things she plays & acts out -- so a perfect addition for her 2nd birthday. Thank you.

— Theresa H. from South Carolina

Far Exceeded My Expectations

Just wanted to let you precious folks know I received my magnificent RJW “Le Petit Prince” today and adorable Casey bunny - just in time for my birthday Saturday! They both far exceeded my expectations - as do all of you there at the Toy Shoppe!

— Amy from USA

Steiff Is The Best!

I love steiff teddy bears. I have 23 teddy bears. Steiff makes best teddy bears in the world. Steiff will be around long time in Germany. If you buy from The Toy Shoppe, they ship good and fast.

— Barry from Potosi, MO

Fun From Every Direction

The Mark Dennis piece arrived and is spectacular. It is fun from every direction.

— David from USA

Fast Shipping

Received Charlie Bear “Chuck” today. The fast shipping is great.

— Ruth from USA

My Cats Love My Cat

Last year I was lucky enough to purchase Alisa‘s Grumpy Cat. It is SO darling, words cannot say. Unfortunately I can‘t keep it out because my youngster cats (age 2) get rough. I just had to write!!

— Jill from Illinois

Wonderful Way To Warm Up A Very Cold, Bone-Chilling Winter Day

I want to thank you for sending little Bert. He arrived, safely, early this morning, and is spending the first day in his new home getting acquainted with my huge hug of bears! Goodness... he is even more dapper, in “bearson”, than in his handsome photo! Steiff has done a most masterful job with designing Bert -- from his appealing and endearing expression to his very-much-loved, well-worn appearance. He is so uniquely different, yet, so undeniably Steiff! I am sixty-five years old and still hold onto all my childhood stuffed friends... and I still get that certain ecstatic feeling when I am able to add a special new one to the family! Although the budget doesn't, generally, allow for it these days, one, simply, HAS to have a new bear now and then, and Bert is just irresistible! What a wonderful way to warm up a very cold, bone-chilling winter day! My heart has been warmed, and I thank you so much for making beautiful little Bert available for adoption!

— Susan from Maine

Steiff Bugs Bunny - Simply Adorable!!!

I received my Steiff Bugs Bunny and he is just adorable! it is a true collectible item! the details and quality are beyond my expectations. It was my first time ordering from The Toy Shoppe and I loved my experience so much that I have ordered another item. Customer service is also amazing and extremely helpful... kind assistance!

— Alexia from Canada

Will Be Back For More Dolls!

Another excellent experience with The Toy Shoppe. Well packed! Will do business with them again.

— Laura S. from OR

Nicest People On The Planet

As always you are the nicest people on the planet to deal with.

— Holly from USA

Likes Quick WFF Delivery

Just to let you know I received my [Wee Forest Folk] order today. Thank you very much for the quick delivery and nice service.

— Sylvie from USA

Settling In Nicely

I just wanted you to know that Linus, Lyra and Savannah [Charlie Bears] are settling in nicely. They are absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy they have come to live with me! Thank you so much for the opportunity to bring such beautiful little ones into my life.

— Sharon from USA

Thousand Star Rating

Excellent! The Charlie Bear was shipped fast and the package was delivered safe. You are a treasure and will be back! If I could give a thousand star rating I would! Thank you !!

— Tammy from Canada

More Gorgeous Than Her Photos

Received Midori [by R. John Wright] today!! She‘s even more gorgeous than her photos indicate!! Thanks so much for the super-fast shipping and superior service - she‘s a bright spot during a rough patch!

— Erin from USA

You Make Shopping A Pleasure

Mary Ann, Kathy, Florence...you guys are terrific, and made shopping a pleasure!! I made my first purchase with the Toy Shoppe around 1995, but later had to take a long break... I hope it won't be long before I am able to buy from you again!

— Erin from Texas

OMG! Steiff Godzilla Stomping In My House

OMG! I didn't think I would ever get the chance of owning a Steiff Godzilla from Japan's Steiff editions. Thank you so much for letting me know you had gotten a hold of a few, based on a past conversation we had. Godzilla has been one of my favorite movie characters since childhood. Steiff did such an awesome job of imbuing the cinematic monster into a creation you have to touch. There is a reason that Godzilla has the title of “King of Monsters”. I absolutely love his front claws/paws, which I am often taking hold of when I walk by him. His back ridge is terrific and his expression is wonderful! I am so happy I was able to have the opportunity to have him stomp his way into my house.

— Lisa and Rod from USA

Home Covered By Bears

Oh exciting times today!!!!! UPS delivered a wonderful. big box of adorable bears! Our home is so well covered by bears thanks to you! We really appreciate all your time, efforts, and care to bring the bears to us. Thank you!!!

— Stan and Debbie from USA

Tremendously Happy

I am tremendously happy with my most recent purchase from you, as usual. Everyone wants to know where I get such quality stuff. So, I tell them about you!... Thank you for your attention to quality, detail, cuteness, and helping to make dreams come true... even for people with fixed incomes with the AMC!

— Darly from USA

Best In A Long Time

The new Steiffs are the best in a long time and I am always so happy to get new booklets and see new things. I actually saw a few more I would like to add eventually and you guys are always the best when it comes to service and price. Some day when I retire I hope to go to your show and meet you all in person!!!! In the mean time best wishes to all!!!

— Patricia from USA

Love My Clown Teddy Replica And Goodie Bag

My Steiff Teddy Clown Replica arrived last Monday along with the goodie bag from the Steiff Teddy Bear Picnic event. Thank you so much. Teddy Clown is wonderful, and the goodies far exceeded my expectation. Love the elephant, Steiff card game, teddy pin... and the gummy bears and teddy grahams were so perfect. Such a fun package.

— Julie from Connecticut

Fast Shipping!

I couldn‘t believe how quickly my order got here... and only regular shipping! So exciting!

— Karen from NC

My Heart Was Melted

Just wanted to say how superb the Steiff 1929 Teddy is! I know I was chatting when placing the order and the comment was made that the picture doesn't do it justice. I would concur. My heart was melted when I opened the box and he peeked out from the packing paper.

Also wanted to comment on how much I enjoy my interactions with all those at The Toy Shoppe, whether I am there in the store physically or over the phone. I have always have a pleasant time!

— Lisa from USA

Best Ever

The Toy Shoppe is the best ever! You are the only ones to have these Teddy bears! Thanks

— Keith from Montana

Great Customer Service

All I can say about The Toy Shoppe is - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

— Marian from North Carolina

Fizzy Whizz Is Wild

I received Fizzy Whizz [by Charlie Bears] for Christmas from my husband. Fizzy is awesome and wildly colorful. My husband and I both agree his color is so different along with the cut of his fur. I love him! Also my husband was very happy with the customer service. You were very nice to him. So happy I found the Toy Shoppe!

— Beatris from USA

Best Place To Purchase Any Collectible!

The Toy Shoppe is the best place to purchase any doll (or bear). Lucrezia arrived fast, she was packed with absolute care, a stand was included as promised, and the price can't be beat. I would not hesitate to buy from again!

— Laura from NY

Fast Shipping

This is a great big THANK YOU to Dana & Kevin for shipping my order so quickly!! I love them!! Have a great day!

— Corinne from Texas

Total Happiness

Let me start with the fact that I have been ordering for at least 20 years. The Toy Shoppe thrilled me when first ordering by having a payment plan. I am a single woman with an insatiable desire for small dolls or bears. Payment plans make my dreams come true. I have ordered from Himsteadt to Zwergnase. All the little porcelain ones from Zwerganase. I have tons of Betsy McCall and lots of clothes but I also have one of John Wright‘s Cupies. I have tons of bears too from Zwerganase and Finhold and so many others. I recently purchased 2 of Mikki Klug felt creations. And let me not forget Kish, Creedy, Effenbee and Pluszok. I can‘t tell you which is my favorite.

You have excellent taste and a terrific customer service. I am sure that your service is just a part of who you are. I hope that you maintain your high standards and wish I could contribute more. You are without my favorite company to order from. FYI I order dolls and bears no place else.

You have my blessings and gratitude and hope I can always be a friend of the TOY SHOPPE.

— Joscelyn from Georgia

Love My Pansy!!!

I just received my Pansy by R. John Wright. I had been debating for a while on buying her. Well, I am so glad I did. She is even more beautiful in person! I can't wait to surprise my grandchildren by hiding little goodies for them inside!

— Jane from Virginia

I Actually Ooh'ed

Could not be more pleased with the arrival of Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. Gromit looks like he just walked out of one of the many delightful Wallace and Gromit movies. I actually ooh'ed with delight as I opened the box to see Gromit's wide eyes looking out to see his new home. Steiff did such an excellent job bringing him to life. Plus Shaun is a superb little companion, like the cherry on top of a sundae.

— Lisa from USA

Love My Nodding Bear

I would like to order the Nodding Bear. I saw the video of him and he is adorable. I have to have him...

— Nancy from USA

Adorable Owls By Art Rogers

I received the two Art Rogers owls today, Ozzy and Snowy, and are both adorable. I loved the tipped look of Ozzy and the long white mohair on Snowy. Thank you very much.

— Jeanne from USA

Likes Zwergnase Dolls

I like the Zwergnase dolls. They have faces like we have. Grouchy sometimes and mild mannered other times or other expressions. Some naughty. I look at them and understand what they are thinking.

— Ulla from USA

Well Worth The Wait!

My Steiff Camillo bear arrived and he was well worth the waited! He embodies the classic features that have made teddy bears such cherished companions for people thru the ages (and of all ages). I can understand his popularity, particularly in the way he tugs at the my inner child.

— L. Waltermann from North Carolina

Iris Is Absolutely GORGEOUS

I just wanted to let you know that my Iris arrived yesterday and she is absolutely GORGEOUS! Thank you so much!!

— Judi from USA

Very Satisfied

Just received my shipment today. Love my Heidi Steiner Hops a Lot and especially my R. John Wright Isabelle Toddler Bear. Another very satisfied purchase from the Toy Shoppe. Thanks so much.

— Susan-Lee from USA

Layaway Worked Great

I received my (Himstedt dolls). I‘m not really sure who to thank! I am so happy, they are the most gorgeous dolls I have ever seen. Thank you so much for letting me keep in layaway, there would have been no other way for me. I appreciate you and your store and owners. Again, thank you!

— Darlene from Florida

Loves Her Heidi Steiner Bear

I received Fleur today. She is a beautiful bear. I absolutely love Heidi Steiner and her bears, especially the ribbon and embroidered bears. Thank You.

— Marlene from USA

More Than Wonderful

“Tulip” arrived today and is more than wonderful!! She has the cutest little face! I have my entire collection of R. John Wright's “Springtime Friends” all displayed together on top of a bookcase, and had a spot waiting for her!

— Jane from USA

Excited About Zwergnase

Excited about the Zwergnase line! Thank you for your store selection and customer service.

— Charlotte from USA

Love My Charlie Bears

I just received my Leonard and Harold Charlie Bears and wanted to thank you for the quick shipping. They are so adorable and perfect for the artist bear fan who is allergic to mohair. Thank you again for great bears and great service.

— Susan from USA

Love These Dolls

Just received Erik Catellani “Lucy” doll. She is wonderful. I bought her to give to my Aunt Lucy... Boy that was hard. I wanted to keep her for myself. But it was nice to see how thrilled my Aunt was with her surprise present. Now I just have to decide what to buy me!!! Thank you Toy Shoppe.

— Pat from Maryland

Extra Connection Seeing In Person

Even though our visit was initially for me, I enjoyed it when my husband was so taken with Steiff“s Lommy the Lemur that we had to bring him home. It is terrific to have a shared appreciation of the wonderful creations that Steiff brings to life. I can't say enjoy enough of the extra connection that being able to see something in person that doesn't always occur from a two dimensional picture. Thank you for having a terrific store where there are so many wonderful things are available to see.

— Lisa and Rod from USA

Perfectly Outstanding!!!

Quick and easy checkout, prompt delivery, excellent packing. What more could you want? Outstanding.

— C. Myers from California

Fun, Fun, Fun Personality

Many, many, many bear hugs...!!! Thank you again for creating such beautiful bears with fun, fun, fun personality and full of love!!!!

— Robin from USA


I am excited to be able to add this Alice to my collection. Thanks so much to you and everyone at the Toy Shoppe for all you do for your collectors and for your friendly, helpful service.

— JP from Ohio

From The Minute I Opened The Box...

Thank you again for helping me with Charlotte. She's beautiful and I LOVE her!!! From the minute I opened the box I knew she was the one!

— Julie from USA


Thank you, thank you, thank you! My Steiff Pluto arrived today! I can't believe the swift and excellent service! I am overjoyed! Your customer service is outstanding! I will be ordering from you again in the future.

— Tamara from USA

Love My Steiff Replica

I just love the new addition to my den of the black Steiff 1908 Replica Teddy Bear. The Steiff replicas are gorgeous pieces that always put a smile on my inner child.

— Lisa from USA

Quality Stuff

As you can see, I am tremendously happy with my most recent purchase from you, as usual. Everyone wants to know where I get such quality stuff. So, I tell them about you! You have been so good to me and so friendly! I will always look to you first when I am looking to add to my little family.

— Darly from USA

OMGosh! Love My New Doll

OMGosh! Camellia Sinensis just arrived and she is maybe the sweetest, cutest Zwergnase doll I have ever owned! Move over Sasha dolls! (did I just say that?). Thank you, so very much and wishing you all the best!

— Kathy from USA

Sweet Baby Of Mine

I received my sweet, dear baby by Elisabeth Pongratz and my heart has been swept away! She is as perfect as could be! She loves her new home and new friends. Soon, she will have a big sister as I have my eye on another Elisabeth Pongratz doll!!!

— Sarah from Massachusett

Great Care In Shipping

Upon receiving my (Steiff) Teddy Bear, I was struck by the great care taken in the shipping process. The item was put in a large box to absorb shock and it was left in its original packing as it arrives from Germany. I was very pleased as I have purchased (from) other suppliers and they arrived flattened so much so that I sent them back. Very nice to deal with The Toy Shoppe.

— Howard from Pennsylvania

Beautiful Catalogs

Oh my goodness you have the most BEAUTIFUL catalogs!!! I‘m a Wizard of Oz collector, mostly Dorothy and Toto. So much I want and I know there‘s going to be a lot coming for the anniversary.

— Sharon from Indiana

Surprised At Personalize Service

Thank you again so very much for getting back to me on my questions. I was absolutely shocked after I placed my first order, that I received a personalized E-mail from you. That just doesn't happen with companies anymore. I look forward to learning more about your long-time family business and all of your offerings.

— Letitia from Alabama

Special Payment Arrangement Makes Dream Come True

Thank you for your wonderful welcome. I am perfectly satisfied with the (payment) arrangements for this doll. I waited so long to be able to purchase one of Maggie's dolls, that I am so thrilled and I knew the Toy Shoppe would help me achieve this dream. Thank you again.

— Etta

Forever Loyal Customer

There’s a reason I have been a longtime customer... outstanding service, amazing selection of artists and Steiff pieces, limited editions but most of all because of Barrie and Danny who have treated me like family. Now have my husband shopping here. Beautiful website and catalogue keep me tempted and my wish list on-going. Love, love, love all of my treasures.

— Lauren from Virginia

I Always Have A Pleasant Time

Also wanted to comment on how much I enjoy my interactions with all those at The Toy Shoppe, whether I am there in the store physically or over the phone. I have always have a pleasant time!

— Lisa from USA

Love My Zawieruszynski Doll

I received my Venessa doll by Zawieruszynski dolls. She is excellent. I love everything about her. Thanks so much.

— Kathleen M. from Colorado

I Will Cherish Camillo Forever!

My daughter purchased Camillo for my birthday. I always loved the old vintage Steiff bears but could never afford one... Camillo was the perfect choice. He has the vintage charm as the ones made when Margarete Steiff was alive. The mohair fur is so soft... He is so firmly, perfectly stuffed for everlasting handling. The shaven fur around his nose and mouth... the long curved paws... small hump near the tip of his back... If i didn't know better, I would say this was an antique Steiff from the 30s. Beautiful design on this bear. Even his eyes glisten. Thank you for making such a beautiful bear that Margarete Steiff would have been proud to put her name on... I will cherish Camillo forever!

— Mary from New York

Enjoyable Experience

I want to express what an enjoyable experience dealing with everyone at the Toy Shoppe is. I definitely like dealing with a place that honestly appreciates my business and finding out what I like, and is so patient to answer all questions that I may have. I love the fact you take the time while I am making my selection, since it can be hard due to the fact you carry so many wonderful things!

— Lisa from USA

Suggestion Was SPOT-ON

Please be so kind as to inform Ms. Kathy of your staff that [we] loved her Wicked Witch (from the [RJW] OZ collection). The suggestion was SPOT-ON!!

— Jerry from Florida

Thanks For Special Assistance

My Irmi has just arrived safe and sound at her new home. She is simply adorable. Thank you very much for your assistance and concern. I have ordered from other dealers but you are the best. I like the level of service your provide.

— Natalya from Russia

Never Disappointed

Just wanted to report that my Roche Bonnie Blue arrived safely and was happy to see Bonnie Pink. I also appreciate you remembering to include my Steiff Jocko who is the perfect toy for Bonnie Blue. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. As always, I am never disappointed.

— Margaret from Maryland

Best Steiff Bears Ever

I love the limited edition Steiff bears and appreciate that layaway is offered! I have several limited editions and love the Winnie the Pooh and Queen Elizabeth bear! Excellent customer service and wonderful selection!!!!

— Lynda from Florida

Extra Special Connection

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy myself when my husband and I visit The Toy Shoppe in person. What fun it is to see all the wonderful things you carry. There is an extra special connection when you get to hold something you've seen in pictures. Kathy, thank you so much for taking the time to make our latest visit extra special!

— Lisa and Rod from USA

Wonderful Memory

I ordered the 40th anniversary The Lonely Doll. The package arrived today. I was so excited I had to get my son to open the packaging! When I was in 1st grade, I read this book every week. This was a piece of my childhood. I am an avid doll collector and doll maker. At the age of 50, you gave me a wonderful memory. Thank you!!

— Michelle from USA

Exceptional Website, Selection, Amd Service

I have become one of your new customers in the past few months and have ordered several items from your store on the website. I just love The Toy Shoppe, and the website is exceptional as is your selection of beautiful dolls and bears and other items. My orders have been promptly filled and carefully packaged. Thank you for your outstanding service.

— Teresa from USA

Thanks For Excellent Service

Wonderful product and excellent service! Super fast shipping!

— Melissa from MI

Like Christmas

The last couple of days has been like Christmas. The Hummel left me speechless, as did the Steiffs.

— Robert from USA

My Teddy Bear Addiction

The Toy Shoppe has the best customer service ever and I will always use The Toy Shoppe to satisfy my teddy bear addiction!

— Jean from USA

Thanks For Picking Great Bears

Thank you all, for the best service and picking such great bears! Especially for the little elephant which means so much to me!

— Amy from USA

One Happy Camper

You‘ve made this girl “One Happy Camper” with the purchase of ADELIA by OZ Matilda! She is just gorgeous and to think, she is One Of A Kind....in the whole world. Thanks so much for your knowledge, expertise and friendly service!!!

— Mary Jane from USA

Bonzo Fan

I am a Bonzo fan and I LOVE R. John Wright's Bonzo!

— Barbra from USA

I Couldn't Wait!

Before the Fall Steiff Event started, I placed my order. It was delivered today. I am so pleased with my order and the goodie bag was such a nice touch. I‘ve been collecting bears for a long time, but today felt like Christmas in Sept. Thank you, Toy Shoppe!

— Toni Lang from N.Y.

Fond Memories

I was so excited that Fetch from Charlie Bears arrived in time for Christmas! He is so adorable and brings back fond memories of a German Shepherd dog we once had for many years. Fetch embodies the appeal of a loyal cherished companion. His pose-able ears and eyebrow accents are terrific for expressing his endearing character. When I opened the box, I couldn't resist picking up and holding him. :)

— Lisa from USA

Five Star Shop

I love, not like the Toy Shoppe! It is the best ever catalog or online sales toy shop anywhere! The service is A+++!

— Chrisenda

Love, Not Like

I love, not like the Toy Shoppe! It is the best ever catalog or online sales toy shop anywhere! The service is A+++!

— Chrisenda from USA

Extra Kind

Being extra kind to your customers is just one reason in a long list of raves I keep coming back to your store.

— Tanishia from Montana

Really Enjoyed Visiting

Really enjoyed myself at the Toy Shoppe again, everyone there always makes one feel so genuinely welcomed. I love to find out additional information on the pieces I am interested in.

— Lisa from USA

Well Packed For A Safe Delivery

I had purchased a small stuffed animal from The Toy Shoppe and it was delivered in a timely fashion and packaged nicely. It was in a small bag with enough air in it to keep it from getting banged up on the trip over. Ordering was a good experience.

— Joseph from New York

Love Your Shop

I purchased Mr. Timmers by Beardsley Bears and was so worried that he would not show up on time - not only did you contact the maker and the bunny arrived but it is incredibly beautiful and beyond worth it!!! Love your shop, amazing customer service and amazing products!!! Will recommend to all my friends!

— Shawna from USA

Sharing Dolls With Daughter

Thank you so much! I appreciate your prompt response. I am already impressed with your company and can't wait to give my daughter these dolls. I am happy I found your website :)

— Amy from Tennnessee

Love The Queen

I also received Steiff Queen Elizabeth and I love it was well worth the wait !!!

— Lynda from USA

Phenomenal Service

As always, I could not be more pleased by the phenomenal service that is the norm there at The Toy Shoppe!

— Dawn from New Jersey

Memorable Hospitality

My family visited your store many years ago when my daughter was only four years old and we still talk about your hospitality.

— Letitia from USA

Fantastic Customer Service

I have read in the doll magazines how great you guys are, and I certainly believed it but hadn't experienced that first hand until now. I received my recent order from you and the entire experience was great. You guys are an awesome representation of doll people and what fantastic customer service looks like.

— Karen from Texas

New Charlie Bear Collector For Life

This Charlie Bears “Kennett Kola” bear is absolutely adorable! His face is so cute and his eyes almost look like they are looking at you. The plush looks like mohair and I was very pleased with this purchase. This is my 2nd Charlie Bears purchase and they are both now in my bear collection. Love them both!

— Susan B. from Wilmington, DE

My Jingles Is Beautiful

Thanks so very much. My Jingles arrived this week and she is beautiful!!

— Bonnie

Love My Steiff And The Toy Shoppe

Just wanted to say how superb the Steiff 1929 Teddy is! I know I was chatting when placing the order and the comment was made that the picture doesn‘t do it justice. I would concur. My heart was melted when I opened the box and he peeked out from the packing paper.

— Lisa

Granddaughter Loves Dolls

It is so nice to share my Madame Alexander dolls with my granddaughter. You have a great selection and I always find something just right fer her birthday. Kathy is soooo nice to speak with.

— Madison from MA

Love Our Charlie Bear Stockings

I did not want to forget to mention that we all love the Charlie Bear stockings. My son and I can't wait to hang our stockings at Christmas. Thank you, as always, for selecting great faces on the bears. I will think of you every time I hang the stockings.

— Tara from USA

Founts Of Knowledge

Can‘t express how much I enjoy my visits to The Toy Shoppe. It is so enjoyable to ogle all the wonderful things, though it can be quite a challenge to decide which one to bring home when you‘re face to face with so many choices. Plus everyone there is so wonderful to visit with and are such founts of knowledge. I love dealing with place that appreciates my business; but makes me feel more like a welcomed friend.

— Lisa from USA

I’ll Be Sure And Recommend You

Thank you so much. I’ll be sure and recommend you to all my fellow doll enthusiasts. Thanks for being such a cooperative business with great customer service.

— Alisha from USA

Truly Impressed

Thank you for the quick service. I am truly impressed with the turnaround. I always prefer businesses that offer great service.

— Ken from Delaware

So Thrilled To Finally Own An RJW Mouse

I just got my RJW Aladdin Mouse today; much, much quicker than I anticipated, and he's everything I hoped he'd be--and even more adorable than the picture!! From the tip of his fez to the curl of his slippers, his perfect pink nose and glistening black eyes--I'm just so super excited to have him in my collection! I've been an RJW fan for 25 years or more, and have never been able to own a piece before now--your payment arrangements made it possible for me to finally acquire this little guy, and I will be always grateful for that--as well as for the extra friendly service I received!

— Erin from Texas

Love My New Terrier

I just want to thank The Toy Shoppe & Designs By Karen for the most adorable Sealyham Terrier I received. First, I was quite surprised how quickly I received this little dog! Karen has totally captured the essence of this breed, and this has become one of the most precious items in my collection. I cannot tell you how pleased I am! I would not hesitate to order something from you in the future.

— Cheryl from California

Love Your Emails And Catalogs

I'm a customer who goes way, way back. What I really want to say is that I love your emails and catalogs. This last email about a doll being your best friend - it's so true. You're one of the few real stores left, and I'm grateful.

— Kathy from USA

I Simply Love RJW's Mice

We are retired and once in awhile I treat myself to one of R. J. Wright’s mice... I simply love his mice. Thank you for your always prompt replies to my emails.

— Jo

Doll For My Granddaughter

... the doll arrived on Wednesday... I am so pleased with her. That is the fastest service I have ever received. Thank you so much for helping me get the doll for my granddaughter. I am making a cabinet doll house for her and when she comes to visit, I will have new books and new clothes for her... at least that is the plan.

— Deborah from USA

Love My New Steiff Bear

I wanted to tell you how much I love the Steiff Orchid bear that you sent. Thank you so much for taking the time to describe the faces and orchids on each bear. I love the bear that you suggested. Her face is beautiful and the orchids are a wonderful color. It is always such a pleasure to work with you. You are the best!

— Tara from USA

He’ll Make A Great Understudy!

My Steiff Rocco Bear arrived today and he is quite a wonderful bear. Super soft and cuddly. I had tried to find one of the Steiff Paddington bears but missed out on that ( they sold out SO FAST !) , so I am going to sew Rocco a blue coat with toggles and a red felt hat and let him take the part of Paddington. He’ll make a great understudy. Thank you for the quick delivery. Please add me to your catalog mailing list and I will definitely stop by your shoppe next time I’m in Richmond!

— Diane from Wisconsin

A Love For Fine Dolls

I just received my Friedericy doll. I could hardly wait to get home and open the box! I am absolutely thrilled with her!!! She is perfect! I love the work that Judith and Luica do. I never get tired of looking at their dolls... it seems there’s almost always some sort of detail here and there I hadn’t noticed before.

— Cheri S. from New York

Just Perfect

THANK YOU ALL for helping me with the selection of both HUMMING ALONG and MATRYOSHKA teddy bear. (Matryoshka= Little Mother.) They are just perfect and exactly who I would pick if I was there in person!!

— Amy from USA

Love My New Steiff Tote

The Steiff tote that I won arrived on Saturday and I love it! Thank you for the beautiful Steiff item. It was such a nice surprise to win this lovely tote.

— Beverly B. from PA

Has A Wonderful Time Visiting

I had a wonderful time visiting your shop in June and purchased a wonderful piece called Hyacinth by Heidi Steiner. She is my favorite bear artist.

— Robin from USA


My beautiful doll, Deborah, came in today. As usual, your service to your customers is outstanding.

— Joan from USA

Loves Her Steiff Elephant

Thank you Barrie for sending the little Elephant who now lives inside my purse, hooked to the Key strap!!!! I LOVE HER!! I have a Steiff Elephant collection, which I will send you a photo of when I am at home.

— Amy from USA

Loves WFF And AMC Payment Plans

OMG! I just wanted to tell you that I DO believe that the Weefolk Wee Drop has GOT TO BE one of my FAVORITE things I have EVER ordered from anywhere! And, thank YOU for making it available to me with the auto-pay option! I probably couldn't have bought it otherwise!

— Patricia from GA

Make Dreams Come True

Thank you for your attention to quality, detail, cuteness, and helping to make dreams come true... even for people with fixed incomes with the AMC! Thank you so much!

— Darly from USA

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