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Once You Hold A Charlie Bear, You'll Never Want To Let Go

Polka Dot MiniMo

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Mud Magnet



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Pina MiniMo

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AMC $52.00/mo


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Townend MiniMo

$143.00   $121.55

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Pongo Skunk Puppet

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Chris Tingle



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Charlie Bears Paw Store

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Charlie Bears just announced that The Toy Shoppe
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As a featured Paw Store, we carry
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Fine Quality Teddy Bears From Across The Sea

When You Hold A Charlie Bear, You Won't Ever Want To Let Go

Charlie BearsWilliam and Charlotte Morris (Charlie for short) have always loved Teddy bears. In fact, they met over a bear that William was buying for his mother! In so many wonderful ways their lives have intertwined and overlapped with a bear somewhere in the middle. It seems as though they were simply destined to share their love of bears with others.

Charlie Bears Founders William & Charlotte MorrisSince Charlie Bears launched in 2005, their family of collectors has grown to almost every corner of the world. Charlie Bears is based in Cornwall in the United Kingdom (UK) where William and Charlie still make sure that every little bear is uniquely designed and lovingly handmade.

Charlie and William quickly won the hearts of collectors with their charming Teddies. Each and every Charlie Bears creation is handmade with the greatest attention to detail. From the cutting of the plush fabric to the stitching of each nose, these soft and furry companions are lovingly created by skilled artists. The craftsmanship behind Charlie Bears is clearly evident, but the most captivating aspect of each bear is its warm and engaging face. It's easy to see the hours spent on each one, getting the expression just right! Every little creations from Charlie Bears has been lovingly hand made with the greatest attention to detail.

Love, Dreams & BearsWhat all Charlie Bears fans understand - and what keeps them coming back - is that as well as being beautifully and individually handmade, each bear really does have its own wonderful character and unique identity. They most definitely are "Bears with Personalities"!

- from the Charlie Bears biographical book Love, Dreams & Bears by Charlotte and William Morris. Available at The Toy Shoppe.

Charlie Bears 2019 Bears Are Available At The Toy Shoppe

A New Series Of Charlie Bears For 2019

Charlie Bears 2019 Colelctors Catalog

Welcome To The Charlie Bears Collectors Catalog 2019

From dragons to fairies, history is full of tales of mysterious creatures that roam our lands. As children we sat in wide-eyed wonder as we were read these age-old stories from which we learnt valuable lessons. They quickly became our bedtime favourites.

Our Fables series has been inspired by these wonderful tales and the characters that featured within the pages of our favorite books. We've added a paw-ful of folklore characters to complete our collection of these charming and quaint reminders of a bygone age.

As you browse through the following pages you will see characters and bears which for me, and I hope you too, bring back memories of exciting times when all things were possible. After all, who didn't put their tooth under their pillow in anticipation of the tooth fairy's arrival?

So the time has now arrived to reveal this year's collection and introduce you to the colorful and wonderous new characters that form our Folklores & Fables series. With so many to look at I hope you have with you a huge cup of tea and your favourite biscuits as it could take some time!


The Toy Shoppe is your best Charlie Bears shop in the USA. Our selection is huge.
Looking for a particular Charlie Bear? Call us today!

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Charlie Bears Isabelle Masterpiece For 2019 Is Available At The Toy Shoppe

The Isabelle Masterpiece For 2019 By Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears Isabelle Masterpiece 2019

Each year, award-winning Teddy bear designer picks one edition as her favorite to be the Isabelle Masterpiece edition for that year. For 2019 Isabelle chose this superb 20.5 inch Teddy bear, created from a blend of the finest mohair and alpaca with a creamy undercoat tipped with warm autumn hues. Her fur is simply beautiful. The Isabelle Masterpiece for 2019 is a small limited edition of only 350 pieces and available at The Toy Shoppe

Charlie Bears Isabelle Masterpiece 2019


Charlie Mohair Year Bear 2019 At The Toy Shoppe

Picked By Charlie Herself
Charlie Mohair Year Bear 2019 At The Toy Shoppe

Charlie Year Bear 2019
Every year Charlie, co-founder of Charlie Bears, chooses a mohair Teddy bear that best represents her and the new collection. The choice for 2019 is an elegant and graceful treat! This beautiful bear is made from handmade from the finest cream and pink mohair. Her ultrasuede 'tickly toe' paw pads. There is so much more to tell. We are certain that you will fall in love with the Charlie Mohair Year Bear 2019... just like Charlie did!

Charlie Mohair Year Bear 2019



The Toy Shoppe is the largest Charlie Bears stockist in the USA and your best shop to buy Charlie Bears.

Our selection is enormous and includes their traditional bears, limited editions, special editions, Bigger Bear Series, Bearhouse Bears, Bear Library editions, SECRET COLLECTION, MiniMos, Isabelle Collections, Year Bears, Birthday Bears, toys and much more!

Since 1975, The Toy Shoppe has offered the finest Teddy bears and animal friends from around the world. Our interest-free flexible payment plans are easy and make your collecting fun and stress free. And you won't find a more knowledgable, friendly staff than at The Toy Shoppe.

Visit us in Richmond, Virginia. Our gallery is conveniently located and a quick stop when travelling through Virginia. Click on the "view larger" link below the map to get directs through Google maps. We look forward to meeting you in person!

Charlie Bears MiniMo's At The Toy Shoppe

What Is A "MiniMo" By Charlie Bears?

Charlie Bears MiniMo Teddy BearMiniMos are a collection of small Teddy bears, mice, and other animals designed by Teddy bear artist Isabelle Lee. Each of these wonderful creations is sized to fit perfectly in your hands. Even though they are so delightfully petite, each is five-way jointed for fun posing and to to share lots of bear hugs. A miniMo by Charlie Bears is a true gem. Many are made of mohair or other fine materials and delicately painted by hand with subtle, rich detailing that brings out the character.

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Charlie Bears Designed By Isabelle Lee At The Toy Shoppe

The Isabella Collection - Designed By Award-Winning Teddy Bear Artist Isabelle Lee

Award-winning Teddy bear artist Isabelle Lee is the chief teddy bear designer for Charlie Bears! Born in Korea, isabella joined Charlie Bears shortly after its founding in 2005 bringing her exceptional talents to their line of collectible Teddy bears. The Isabella Collection by Charlie Bears is named after this prolific and highly regarded designer. According to Charlie Bears:

“ Charlotte and William first met with Isabelle Lee the designer and creator of the Isabella collection mohair range of teddy bears in the United States in 2005. Since 2006, Charlie Bears have become the whole world wide distributor of this fabulous limited edition mohair collection of teddy bears and friends. The Isabella collection is for the true connoisseur of teddy bears and is extremely sought after... The Isabella Collection are all limited-edition bears and now all bears are limited in the production of 500 pieces or less. ”

Each Teddy bear and animal is crafted from the finest plush or mohair and arrives in his very own collector bag. The Teddy bear designs by Isabelle Lee are exceptional and very appealing. Considering the quality of the design and the extensive amount of handwork required to create each Charlie Bear, these adorable teddy bears are extremely affordable.


Charlie Bears Dedication To Quality Requires Handcrafting By Artists

Charlie Bears Are Made By Hand

It is amazing to think that all the Charlie Bears are made entirely by hand. It is the only way that Charlotte and William Morris could produce Teddy bears to their exacting standards of quality and artistry. Charlie Bears explains the process:

“ From the cutting of the fabric to the stitching of the nose, every single Charlie Bear and friend is handmade with the greatest attention to detail. Many companies will manufacture products in the fastest way possible, however we at Charlie Bears feel that to create a truly perfect companion not only takes a great deal of time but also a great deal of skill and this can only be achieved with personal attention from skilled artists. The most important part of any bear or friend is the facial features and as such sometimes each bears faces can take on many hours to get just right. ”

Charlie Bears Logo


Five Interesting & Fun Facts About Charlie Bears Teddy Bears

1. Charlie Bears Math: Plush PLUS Mohair EQUALS Plumo?

Created from an exclusive combination of rich plush and the finest mohair, Charlie Bears' Plumo Bears are extra sumptuous and highly coveted! Many Plumo Teddy bears feature delightful mohair accents on their muzzles and inner ears. It is a wonderful combination of materials that makes your Charlie Bear even more special!

Charlie Bears Tickly Toes2. Do Charlie Bears Have Toes?

Tickly Toes refers to the sculpted paw pads found on many Charlie bears. It is sometimes referred to by aficionados as trapunto (a method of quilting that is also called stuffed technique). The molding, done entirely by hand, truly enhances the appeal of your Teddy bear as you hold him and hug him. This is yet another important feature from the designers at Charlie Bears. Tickly Toes adds a whole new dimension to the personality and quality of your Charlie Bear!

3. Do Charlie Bears Have Stitched Noses?

Yes, you bet they do! Adding to Charlie Bears' endearing quality, keen attention to detail is evident in each Teddy's handsome, hand-stitched nose. This traditional technique is yet another demanding details from the designers at Charlie Bears. Airbrushed accents provide extra depth and character to their wonderful faces!

4. Is Charlie Bears More Than Teddy Bears?

Charlie Bears Teddy Bear BookendsThe wonderful thing about Teddy bears is how many ways they can be a part to your life. We are all familiar with the traditional Teddy bear with its lovable 'hug-a-bility", but a smaller Teddy bear can make a great Keyring and bring a smile to your face wherever you are. Or if you really love Teddy bears, why not replace those old dusty bookends with Teddy bears specially designed and weighted for the same job... but much more fun? And for more play fun, Charlie bears makes soft plush puppets with the same appealing features as their traditional Teddy bears! The innovative artistry at Charlie Bears is constantly looking for new ways to add our love of Teddy bears into our lives! The even created Teddy bears to hold your iPad or tablet device for you. Of course, they also create many other animal friends like mice, rabbits, dogs, guinea pigs and much more!

5. Did Charlie Bear Founders Charlotte & William Morris Really Meet Because Of A Teddy Bear?

It may sound like a storybook tale, but it is true. Charlotte worked at a store selling Teddy bears and William came to the shop one day and the rest is history. William and Charlotte still believe that the three bears he bought for his mother that year from Charlotte were actually bought so the two of them could find each other. It just proves that Teddy bears are filled with love!


Charlie Bears have a “ love me look ” that makes you want to pick them up and hug them! Their fresh and innovative Teddy bear design combined with their high standards of production are visible in each creation.

Charlie Bears Teddy Bears Are Beautifully Designed, Well made and Affordable

Yet, even with all the handwork involved in producing them, Charlie Bears are very affordable and within reach of every Teddy bear lover or Teddy bear collector.

Appealing, well-crafted and affordable - that's why Charlie Bears are so popular around the world!

There's Always Room For One More Bear

“'s always the bear that chooses you...”

Charlie Bears Candice Bear

Charlie always says it is the bear that chooses you rather than you choosing the bear and when it happens to you, you'll know exactly what she means! The soulful 'who me?' eyes may tug at your heartstrings or it might be because the bear's name has a special meaning for you. And sometimes you simply won't know why, there is no logic as to why this particular bear has chosen you, but you won't be able to resist and before you know it they'll be coming home with you to join your hug! We hope you enjoy being chosen and remember, there's always room for one more bear...

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