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Amazing Handmade Bears & Animals By German Artist Annette Rauch, Spielzeugdesign

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German Toymaker Annette Rauch Of Spielzeugdesign

Unique, Fun And Playful Designs By Artist Annette Rauch

toy artist Annette RauchAward-winning artist Annette Rauch has designed bears for over a decade. She has a strong background in the toy industry, having designed for world-renowned companies such as Hermann and Kathe Kruse. Annette Rauch feels that her bears and animals should be picked up and played with.

My creations are not only made for decoration. They are made for play with them, for the special people, that still have some of childhood in their mind and keep that. When you see an Annette Rauch bear, animal or darling little zambos you can't help but hold them and play with them.

- Artist Annette Rauch

Annette Rauch bears are produced with only the highest quality materials: glass eyes, mohair, alpaca, leather, sheep wool and pellets for stuffing. The detailing is very important even down to the names of her creations! In Annette Rauch's own words:

Names are very important for me. The sound of the name and the bear design must come together. I change the thread several times because the different colors of the fabric in one creation. I embroider the nose and the mouth then I make all the details like the braids and beads. I have the most fun in this part - the faces and details.

- Artist Annette Rauch