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Alisa's Wonderland: Wonderful One-Of-A-Kind Creations By Alisa Shangina

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Shadow the Cat


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The Norwich Terrier Racer


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Alisa's Wonderland Precious Dogs, Puppies, Cats, And Other Animals

One-Of-A-Kinds By Alisa Shangina
Perfectly Engineered & Handmade With Love

Teddy bear artist Alisa ShanginaAlisa Shangina was born in the USSR (Soviet Union). She grew up in Russia where she earned a degree as an engineer and artist in Russia. Alisa got an early start as an artist as she began painting when she was two years old and by age seven she had learned how to sew. It was at this early age that the seed for Alisa's future in the Teddy bear world had been planted.

Since 2008, Alisa has been creating toys, clothes and accessories made of Merino wool. By 2009, she had moved to Spain and gave birth to a baby boy. This inspired her to create her very first Teddy bear; a Polar Bear that was given to her son as a gift. Alisa enjoyed the process of creation so much, that she decided to pursue the fascinating world of Teddy bears.

With this new-found intrest she created her company Alisa's Wonderland. From miniature bears to animal friends, Alisa's one-of-a-kind creations are full of wonderment, charm and have wonderfully engineered bodies. Every creation is entirely handmade, without the use of a sewing machine. Alisa sculpts every pair of eyes and each nose from modeling clay or paper clay and then paints them by hand. Only the highest quality of professional materials are used; Schulte and Sassy fabrics manufactured in Germany. Alisa's creations are not only made with love, but also shipped to their new homes with love. As a special farewell, every new creation passes through Alisa's son's precious, little hands to receive a hug and a kiss on the nose. I do it, he says, because I love them all!

Alisa's Wonderland creations have been adopted by many collectors throughout the world: USA, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Island, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Check Republic, Russia, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and more. These one-of-a-kind creations are not to be missed!