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The Toy Shoppe's online Catalogs are easy & eco-friendly! Shop the items online quickly and easily OR read the catalog as a book on line. Please note: some offers may have ended or changed. If you have any questions, just call us toll free at 1 800 447-7995 and we will be happy to help you.

The Toy Shoppe:
2017 Pongratz Dolls

We love Elisabeth Pongratz' wood and cloth bodied dolls. Just hold a wood doll in your hands and you will appreciate the silky smooth wood from which their bodies are carved and handmade. Even the cloth dolls and babies will capture your heart. Their sand-filled bodies and hand-painted wooden heads will fill you with delight. These are the ultimate dolls for collectors of fine taste. Our new catalog is filled with newly photographed Pongratz dolls as well as Elisabeth's new 2017 collection.

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Summer Sale 2017:
It's a Treasure Hunt of fun!

It's coming to the end of the summer season and that means great savings for you on your favorite dolls by Madame Alexander and Teddy bears by Steiff, Hermann and Charlie Bears. There are even a few special choice pieces that you won't want to miss at these prices. Our selection of great editions available during this sale is amazing... but quantities are limited. So enjoy the treasure hunt and find the very best prices before they are gone!

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2017 Fall Steiff:
So Many Stories To Tell
At The Toy Shoppe

Every Steiff Has A Story To Tell... Steiff’s new limited editions bring stories to life that will touch your heart. Some are nostalgic tales of times gone by, while others bring a fresh direction to Steiff design. As Steiff’s largest authorized dealer in the USA, you can trust The Toy Shoppe for the best selection of Steiff, the friendliest service and the most flexible payment options. Call us today toll free at 1 800 447-7995, we are always here for you!

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Friends That Make
Your Heart Bloom
At The Toy Shoppe

There is something very special about Sylvia Natterer's play dolls as well as the Junior Zwergnase play dolls! Both lines are very distinct and play well together, too. We hope you enjoy this new catalog that blends these two lines of play dolls together. You'll even spot a few Steiff friends in there as well.

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Out Of This World
Charlie Bears
At The Toy Shoppe

Charlie Bears has brought a fresh look and feel to their Teddys since they began in 2005. They continue to innovate in 2017 with very appealing bears that are sure to win you over! In this flyer we highlight a selection of colorful characters that are out of this world!

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Steiff's Noah's Ark:
A Steiff Club Exclusive At The Toy Shoppe

In this 25th Anniversary year, Steiff Club members have an exclusive opportunity to acquire this unique collector's edition. Noah's Ark is an exciting new 4-part series limited to only 500 pieces worldwide. The age-old story of Noah and the Ark is the perfect theme for a Steiff limited edition as it features many friendly, realistic animals and, of course, Teddy bears!

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News & Reviews Is Out

2017 has proven to be an exciting year for fine dolls and Teddy bears. The Steiff Club is celebrating 25 years with special limited editions! R. John Wright has introduced a new Little Prince Bear. We have over 100 new Charlie Bears! We've introduced a new line of classic, softly beautiful doll by longtime friend Sylvia Natterer. Plus there is new Zwergnase dolls, new Hermann Teddy bears, new Hildegard Gunzel dolls, new Steiff licensed editions... what a treat!

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je ne sais quoi
Extraordinary Dolls For
Collecting And Play
By Sylvia Natterer

There is a special air about Sylvia's dolls - a certain je ne sais quoi as the French say. Like Sasha dolls, it's hard to put your finger on it, but the appeal is irresistible! Friendly, quiet, innocent... these are children as they should be in a peaceful and protected world. Sylvia's philosophy is that dolls need to remain dolls. She sculpts simple, unpretentious impressions that allow the imagination to wander. You see what you want in their unassuming, gentle expressions. Her dolls become what you want them to be, the foundation of creative play. We hope you enjoy our latest catalog filled with Sylvia's charming dolls.

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Toy Shoppe Flyer:
Stealing Bonzo's Eggs

This charming flyer highlights some of R. John Wright's most amazing pieces: the rascally Bonzo, beautiful Pansy Bunny and his new little trio of bunnies Hop, Plunk and Wobble. Flyer features a timeline of Bonzo's history and many fun facts with imagery. You will also enjoy the story of Bonzo stealing Pansy's eggs. She of course recruits her energetic little friends Plunk, Hop and Wobble to help her find the coveted eggs.

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The Toy Shoppe Presents
Steiff Tradition

Share a historic tradition that begins in the heart. What better than Steiff for such a special sentiment? It all begins with your first Steiff friend... a loving gift from Grandma and Grandpa who keeps you company and makes you feel safe. As you grow, that first friend becomes your best friend... a gift that has grown into so much more. Now your Steiff friend - your best friend - goes wherever you go. A companion to share your adventures, a best friend to share your joys and comfort your sorrows. The years pass and now your Steiff bear has grown into a collection of cherished Steiff friends. Each Steiff in your family continues to bring a smile to your inner child and stir those warm feelings from days gone by. How heartwarming and meaningful it is to share those emotions with the next generation... and then it all begins anew.

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The Toy Shoppe:
Find Your Happy Place 2017 Charlie Bears

The Toy Shoppe is a very happy place... and we have the best selection including many hard-to-find Charlie Bears! Our staff is terrific, so friendly and knowledgeable. Since 1975, we have worked hard to become the best shoppe for all your Teddy bear dreams. Our latest Charlie Bear catalog is chock-full of Teddy Bears. Enjoy 48 pages of the new 2017 editions and in stock Teddys. You are going to love this catalog and everything it has to offer!

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The Toy Shoppe
Presents The Zwergnase 2017 Collection

The 2017 Zwergnase doll collection is guaranteed to fill your heart with their whimsical appeal. Each of Nicole's new Zwergnase dolls is irresistible! From her amazing Artist Dolls to her "hands-on, play-with-me" Junior Dolls… each captures the charming innocence and personality of children we all can identify with! The Toy Shoppe has offered Nicole Marschollek-Menzner's Zwergnase dolls for many years and her award-winning designs have been collected, played with and admired by enthusiasts worldwide.

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The Toy Shoppe's
Catalog of New & Exciting
2017 Steiff Editions

The word for Steiff 2017 is EXCITING! This is a very thrilling time of the year for those who love Steiff like we do! The Steiff Club is celebrating its silver 25th Anniversary, the new Winnie The Pooh bear is downright adorable and new Replica bears explore more fascinating Steiff history. The lovely Wedding Swan set allows you to celebrate love with Steiff in many ways.

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The Toy Shoppe
The Misfits

The Toy Shoppe has a new catalog called The Misfits. So who are the misfits, might you ask? Well, there's the average, the normal, the same. And then there are the misfits. They stand out amongst the crowd. Maybe it's their quirky smile, a unique color or some other peculiarity. It's not easy to explain exactly what a misfit may be, but it's clear to see why we love them! You are going to love shopping our new catalog. It's very, very fun!

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Wood Dolls Of Universal Appeal By Doll Artist Elisabeth Pongratz

The Toy Shoppe has just released an all-new catalog featuring wood dolls by German artist Elisabeth Pongratz. Since 1979 her wood dolls have enchanted collectors with their simple, yet elegant appeal. In this catalog, collectors will get an up close view, as well as some interesting background, on Elisabeth and her dolls. Enjoy 32 pages of large, full color photos.

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A Cat & Mouse Tale
From The Toy Shoppe

Owners Danny and Barrie Shapiro have enjoyed a long working relationship - and special friendship - with John and Susan Wright since they first met in the early 1980s. Together we have collaborated on many exceptional editions. Our most recent RJW exclusive, Marmalade, inspired us to bring you this charming cat and mouse tale. Filled with RJW creations, we hope you enjoy every turn of the page!

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