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Geppetto and Pinocchio w/ Donkey Ears

  • by Xenis
  • sku#  45626
  • 24”
  • LTD 175
Geppetto and Pinocchio w/ Donkey Ears by Xenis

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Geppetto and Pinocchio w/ Donkey Ears
by Xenis

Special Value! Original Price was $2120.

Fully articulated Pinocchio is 17 inches tall and made of maple wood. He has 13 movable ball and spring joints. He holds an 18 note music box inside which plays 'Donkey Serenade.' You can see this music box through a window in his tummy. His appearance is reminiscent of the traditional European Pinocchio. His outfit is made of natural fabrics. He has a white linen shirt, a wool vest and hat, and suede shorts. A dupioni silk bow tie completes his look. Pinocchio's hands and feet are made of carved maple with a light stain. Only minimal washes of paint were used on his face so the beauty of the wood could be enjoyed.

Gepetto, Pinocchio's, creator is a wonderful character! He stands 24 inches tall. His head, hands and shoes are carved from Western maple wood and his body is made from basswood. Gepetto's 13 movable joints allow him to be positioned in a variety of ways. His shoes are stained to give them a rustic look. His hair is stained white and light washes of paint were used on his face to allow the beauty of the wood to show through. Geppetto wears a cream linen shirt, black wool pants, a jacquard cummerbund and a beautiful leather apron. He comes with a small wooden toolbox.

A delightful pair, sure to please any collector of wood dolls.

Geppetto and Pinocchio w/ Donkey Ears
by Xenis

Size Height : 24 inches
Edition Limited Edition
Edition Size : 175
Materials Wood
Hair Painted Hair
Features Hand-Painted Eyes
Custom Artist Face-Up
Jointing Number of Joints : 13
Jointed at the Neck
Ball Jointed
Accessories small wooden toolbox
Age Appropriate Collectible, Not Intended For Children
Country of Origin Canada

Artist Marlene Xenis Brings Your Favorite Stories To Life In Wood At Her Canadian Studio

The Xenis Collection - Founded in 1994 from her basement, Marlene Xenis built a reputation for creating some of the finest wood dolls in the world. Handcrafted from Canadian maple and other selected hard woods, Marlene and her daughters Tania and Jesse have turned their love for the arts and the magic of classic children stories into unique, eye-catching creations: each has an expressive sculpt brimming with character and is fun to display and pose. Each of the solid wood bodies is crafted and finished by hand. The original clothing designs are individually tailored. Each Xenis collectible is made in very limited quantities and signed by the artist. Design and craftsmanship of this caliber is rare in the world today. We know you and your family will treasure your Xenis collectible for generations to come!

The Toy Shoppe has watched Marlene Xenis develop into one of the world's top wood doll makers. Xenis designs are filled with expressive character, her material choices are exceptional and the craftsmanship is superb.

The Artists Of Xenis carve a faceThe Beauty Of The Wood Is An Integral Characteristic Of The Dolls By Xenis

To make these beautiful wood objects requires artistry, craftsmanship and hard work. After each piece is roughly chiseled it goes through three steps of arduous hand sanding. When you touch a Xenis creation, you will be astounded by the quality with which they finish their pieces... so smooth, so rich and so delicate.

Each face is hand painted by brush to fit individual personalities. There is no airbushing, not even on the soft shading! And by combining several staining techniques along with the hand painting, Xenis integrates the beauty of the wood with distinct and very appealing results. Hand painting the final details ensures that your Xenis creation is truly unique.

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